Meeting Date:           October 26, 2009


From:                          Mike Thornton, Purchasing Manager


Subject:                      Ratification of City Manager approval of emergency purchase to WTEC



Staff Recommendation:

Ratification of the City Manager’s emergency purchase approval to Wireless Technology Equipment Company, Inc. (WTEC) for a total amount $28,730.00.



The Communications Division maintains a radio tower at Howey-In-The-Hills to provide broadband connectivity across Lake Harris to the Tavares area.  This tower uses a 2.4 GHz Ethernet bridge.  This equipment has and continues to experience a degrading service level and is in need of replacement.


The current Ethernet bridge is not being used for its intended purpose.  The Ethernet bridge is not designed to provide backhaul capabilities.  This system has worked, but is now being pushed far beyond its limits with the current data transmission volume.  This equipment has been operating marginally at a range of approximately six  miles.  The specifications rate the Ethernet bridge at a distance of 800 feet.  The throughput of this link has degraded rapidly in recent months.  Analysis of the tower and site indicates the terrain, poor tower grounding, and inadequate equipment have caused the performance of this site to become unacceptable.


This purchase is deemed an emergency in order to maintain acceptable service levels to paying customers.  A commercial customer whose data flows through this site is experiencing data transmission problems.  This customer uses both data and a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone system.  When they attempt to use both, the performance and quality is not acceptable.


The Communications Division requested WTEC to perform an assessment and provide recommendations for this site.  Lake County Public Safety uses WTEC to maintain their towers, radio antennas and systems.  Communications Manager Kevin Cochrane’s opinion is  this company is the only local company that has the ability to perform the necessary rebuild and grounding of our tower.  WTEC is out of Orlando but maintains a business office and service facility in Eustis.





The scope of work to be provided by WTEC is described in the attached proposal.  An item to make note of is the extended warranty offered on the antenna and radio equipment.  This warranty is through Motorola and is an all risks advanced replacement coverage.  This warranty covers:



1.  Ratify the approval of the City Managers emergency purchase to WTEC, Inc.; or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact

Funds are available in the communications network maintenance account listed here for this purpose.


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Account No. _045-5023-539.46-33_


Project No. __NETMNT________


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Budget  _____$60,000.00_________


Available ____$59,935.82_________


Date:      September 28, 2009

(Revised from September 22, 2009)

To:                          Kevin Cochrane

                                Leesburg Communications (352) 728-9899


Fm:                         Don Galloway

                                Wireless Technology Applications Engineer


Subject:                 GFN to TMS Point-to-point (PTP) Project

                                Project #090921-01-B


Project Overview

Wireless Technology is pleased to provide you with this quote for installation of a Point-to-point Ethernet link between the Howie in the Hills (GFN) and the Tavares Middle School (TMS) sites. This proposal is based on a request from Leesburg Communications, site visits, and an evaluation.


Statement of Work

·         This project replaces the existing 2.4 GHz Ethernet bridge with a 5.8 GHz Ethernet backhaul system

·         This system is expandable with a future upgrade that can effectively double the data throughput

·         The demarcation responsibility points are at the Ethernet connectors on the lower power injectors


Wireless Technology Deliverables

·         Wireless Technology shall provide and install a 5.8 GHz Ethernet backhaul link, antennas, cables, connectors, antenna surge suppression, mast, mounts, and other minor installation materials

·         Services include installation labor, programming, tower work, grounding repair, design, documentation, and project management

·         An extended system warranty option covers an additional four years for a total of five years of equipment coverage


Customer Responsibilities

·         Provide AC power, UPS back-up (if required), Network switches, routers, servers and Ethernet connections to the tower demarcation locations


Pricing includes material and labor as specified in the deliverables (plus sales tax)

cables, connectors, jumpers, grounding materials, lightning protection.            $13,745


Project Total                                                                                                                                       $28, 730


                Equipment lead-time is approximately 2-4 weeks and project completion is estimated at 4-6 weeks from receipt of signed purchase order, or a fully executed contract. Installations will be in accordance with current industry standards, unless agreed upon otherwise in writing. The actual costs necessary to install the system may differ from those estimated here due to factors beyond Wireless Technology’s control, such as but not limited to changed requirements, differing site conditions, equipment substitutions, etc. Additional expenditures thus may be necessary to deliver the equipment and services as proposed.