Meeting Date:           December 14, 2009


From:                          Raymond S. Sharp, Environmental Services/Public Works Director


Subject:                      Resolution authorizing an agreement with Jones Edmunds and Associates, Inc. to provide support services associated with Perkins to Griffin water line project



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends approval of the agreement with Jones Edmunds and Associates to provide engineering services associated with the Perkins to Griffin water line project for  $74,900.00.



The City Commission approved a FDOT Utility Work by Highway Contractor Agreement during its regular meeting of November 23, 2009.  This agreement is commonly referred to as a “JPA.” The JPA agreement requires that drawings and bid specifications be conformed to FDOT standards, since the project will now be bid by FDOT and administered under FDOT’s contract rules and procedures.  The details of this work are described further in the attached proposal and flow chart.


Staff recommends that Jones Edmunds perform these services since they have been involved in this project for some three years and are the engineers of record for design and permitting of this project.  This will minimize costs of this additional work.


The proposal includes three tasks. The City has requested that FDOT waive one of these tasks.  However, this proposal assumes the worst case and is presented as a Time-and-Materials, Not-to-Exceed fee.  If Task 3 is not necessary, we will not be charged for it. 



1.  Authorize the Agreement for $74,900.00; or,

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact

A budget adjustment will be processed to use available Renewal & Replacement funds for this purpose..



Submission Date and Time:    12/10/2009 5:13 PM____


Department: Environmental Services

Prepared by:  R. Sharp                     

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Revised 6/10/04


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Account No. _043-3099-533-6310__


Project No. __430002___________


WF No. __WF 407145/3 ________


Budget  ______________________


Available _____________________


RESOLUTION NO._______________


A resolution of the City Commission of the City of Leesburg, Florida, authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute an agreement with Jones, Edmunds and Associates for JPA Support Services ASSOCIATED WITH THE PERKINS TO GRIFFIN WATER LINE PROJECT for $74,900.00 and providing an effective date.




            THAT the Mayor and City Clerk are hereby authorized to execute an agreement with Jones Edmunds & Associates, Inc. whose address is 730 NE Waldo Road, Gainesville, Florida 32641, for JPA Support Services.


             THAT this resolution shall become effective immediately.


PASSED AND ADOPTED by the City Commission of the City of Leesburg, Florida, at a regular meeting held the _14th____ day of _December_____ 2009.











City Clerk