Meeting Date:           February 22, 2010


From:                          James Feagle, Deputy Director of Public Works


Subject:                      Purchase request 42102 to Superior Asphalt of Central Florida, Inc. for construction services on Riviera Drive



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends approval of purchase request 42102 to Superior Asphalt of Central Florida, Inc. for $85,055.00.



The Public Works Department has submitted a request to issue a purchase order to Superior Asphalt of Central Florida for the reconstruction of Riviera Drive between Spartan Avenue and Gunston Street.  Due to the deterioration of Riviera Drive over time, it is beyond resurfacing as a result of poor road base. Improvements to the sanitary sewer infrastructure are needed in order to provide proper wastewater service to the area.  The 50 year old sanitary sewer lines and structures have settled and are not allowing proper flow.  The reconstruction of Riviera Drive includes the removal and reconstruction of the road base and asphalt surface and improvements to the sanitary drain infrastructure. 


On December 21, 2009, the City executed a 5th amendment to a unit price agreement with Superior Asphalt of Central Florida, Inc., to provide on-call concrete work; Resolution #8584.  The City and Superior Asphalt worked together to reduce the overall cost of the project. Superior Asphalt has submitted a proposal for removal of existing asphalt and clay base, and replacing with 8-inches of compacted crushed concrete base with a 1.5-inch asphalt surface.  Superior Asphalt will also provide construction of the sanitary sewer lines consisting of grouting existing lines to replace with new 8-inch lines, connecting nine services, and replacing two manholes.



1.  Approve the expenditure to Superior Asphalt of Central Florida; or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate







Fiscal Impact

The Streets portion is $36,920.00.  Funds for this project were not specifically included in the Streets capital budget.  Because of the necessity of this project, a budget adjustment was processed to appropriate unused Gas Tax funds from FY 2009 of $35,000.00; these funds are restricted and can only be used on eligible projects.  Funds have also been shifted from curb rebuilds ($5,000) to bring the total amount available for Streets to $40,000.00.  Wastewater’s portion of this project is $48,135.00.  Funds for the Wastewater portion to complete this project are budgeted and available from Renewal and Replacement.


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