MEETING DATE:   February 22, 2010


FROM:                       Bill Wiley, AICP, Community Development Director


SUBJECT:                  Proposed amendments to Chapter 26 – Special Events of the Leesburg Code of Ordinances



Staff Recommendation: 

Staff requests the City Commission review and approve the proposed revisions for Chapter 26 – Special Events of the Leesburg Code of Ordinances.



Since the enactment and implementation of Chapter 26 – Special Events of the City of Leesburg Code of Ordinances in November 2008, staff has had the opportunity to implement the requirements of the special events ordinance for numerous special events.  Based on this experience, the following amendments are recommended to further enhance the intent of the special events ordinance. These amendments will more clearly define the requirements of the ordinance for city staff, event organizers and event participants along with improving the ability of the City of Leesburg to provide needed services. The following is a summary of the proposed changes:


Proposed amendments to Section 26-1. Definitions: 


Proposed amendment to Section 26.2. Special Event Permit Required.


Proposed amendment to Section 26-4. Permit fee; payment required.


Proposed amendment to Section 26-8. Time for filing application for special event permit.


Proposed amendment to Section 26-23. Cost Recovery for special events


Proposed amendment to Section 26-32. Unlawful to sell goods in special event venue area without authorization.



1.         Approve the requested amendments to Chapter 26 – Special Events.

2.         Other such action as the Commission may deem appropriate



Fiscal Impact:

There is no anticipated fiscal impact for the City of Leesburg at this time.


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Department: Community  Development

Prepared by:  Mike Miller, Planner                   

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