Meeting Date:           March 22, 2010


From:                          Mike Thornton, Purchasing Manager


Subject:                      Purchase request 41699 to Hewlett Packard Company for an e-mail archival and retrieval appliance system.



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends award of Request for Proposal 100022 and purchase request 41699 to Hewlett Packard Company for a total amount of $90,712.67.



The purpose of this purchase is to implement an electronic mail (e-mail) archival and retrieval system for the City.  This system will be integrated with the existing City e-mail system to capture, or back-up, incoming and outgoing e-mail messages.  The system will also provide an efficient method to search for and retrieve desired e-mails.


State public record statutes require the City to maintain all e-mails and generally make them available in response to public records requests.  The City currently does not have a true archival and retrieval system for e-mails.  The City uses the standard archive feature within Microsoft Outlook 2007®.  This system is not designed for use with the number of e-mail boxes/accounts used by the City.  The ability to efficiently retrieve e-mails for a particular account or subject does not exist.


In order to respond to a public records request, IT staff must manually search each archive, or PST file that has been backed-up.  This method is very, very time consuming and does not guarantee that all applicable e-mails will be identified and provided in response to the public records request.


The Purchasing Division issued Request for Proposal 100022 requesting interested and qualified firms to submit proposals detailing their solution for e-mail archival and retrieval.  Purchasing received ten responses from eight firms.  Two firms proposed both a city hosted solution and an off-site hosted solution.  The evaluation committee reviewed each of the proposals and has ranked Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) as the firm providing the solution that will best meet the needs of the City.


HP has proposed their Integrated Archive Platform (IAP) solution.  This hardware and software solution is a self contained, or appliance solution that will provide long-term retention and high-speed index, search and retrieval of information to minimize the cost and business impact of the City’s e-discovery preparation, legal response and regulatory compliance.


An ‘appliance’ solution has the benefit of being fully integrated and self contained.  It would be the equivalent of purchasing a multi-function all-in-one printer.  If a multi-function device were not purchased, each component, such as the fax, printer, and scanner would be purchased separately and there would be separate software to operate each of the components.  This same example is true of e-mail archival systems.  A non-appliance solution would have separate servers, hard drives and software that would have to be maintained and updated.


The City’s goal is to purchase a solution that provides the required features and functionality while requiring very little “care and feeding” by staff.  The HP solution was selected as providing all the features and functionality required and desired.  The design was technically very solid and the amount of maintenance required of staff was low.  These benefits along with the attractive and reasonable price resulted in HP being ranked number 1.


A summary of rankings is attached for your review.



1.  Approve award and purchase to Hewlett-Packard Company for a total amount of $90,712.67; or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate



Fiscal Impact

The Information Technology Department has budgeted $180,000 in this fiscal year for this expense.  The purchase from HP will result in a savings of $89,287.33.  There will be a requirement of approximately $30,000 in the next several months to purchase a component allowing IT to integrate the archival system with the City’s standard data systems backup process.  Following completion of this project, the net savings when compared to budget is estimated to be $59,000.00.



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