MEETING DATE:   April 26, 2010


FROM:                       Bill Wiley, AICP, Community Development Director


SUBJECT:                  Large Scale Comprehensive Plan Amendment backlog



Staff Recommendation: 

The Planning staff recommends “Option A”, as outlined in the attached memo from Planning consultant Greg Beliveau, AICP, for the Large Scale Comprehensive Plan Amendment backlog, along with transmittal of the required Capital Improvements Element update to the Department of Community Affairs (DCA).



The City has a backlog of Large Scale Comprehensive Plan Map Amendments due to several factors, including those cases which were withdrawn as part of the recent settlement agreement with DCA for the 2006-2007 cycles, those rejected by DCA during the initial review, and those that could not be processed at the time of their submittal to the City, due to two years of compliance negotiations with DCA.  “Group One” in the attached memo was mainly chosen for its relatively low cumulative impact on water resources, locations north of CR 48 and lower cost.  It also appears to be the most likely option to be positively received by DCA, prior to the statewide vote on “Hometown Democracy” in November 2010.  Options 2 and 3 would require water resources that are beyond our CUP allociation.


The backlog of amendments is further complicated by DCA’s requirement for an updated (and financially feasible in 2011) Capital Improvements Element (CIE).  The deadline for this update was originally December 2008, but until now, has not been a priority for the City due to the lengthy negotiations with DCA when no Large Scale Amendments were being transmitted.  An update of the CIE was also delayed by the fact that the City has not adopted a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) since FY 2007-17, a current version of which is necessary to adequately complete the updates of the CIE required by DCA.  Consequently, any new Large Scale Comprehensive Plan Amendment transmittal must either be preceded by or accompanied with the CIE update.  City Accounting staff has indicated that a new CIP could be adopted next month in May, which would be ideal for a timely transmittal.



1.         Approve the transmittal of “Group One” amendments with a CIE update shortly after adoption of a new CIP.

            2.         Other such action as the Commission may deem appropriate.


Fiscal Impact:

Various cost estimates are described for Options A, B, and C in the attached memo, depending on the scope of any objections from DCA.


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Department: Community Development

Prepared by:  Yvette L. Brandt, AICP and Bill Wiley, AICP                   

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