Meeting Date:           May 10, 2010


From:                          Mike Thornton, Purchasing Manager


Subject:                      Purchase request 42307 for the purchase of seven 2010 Ford Crown Victoria patrol vehicles



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends approval of purchase request 42307 to Don Reid Ford for the purchase of seven 2010 Ford Crown Victoria patrol vehicles for a total cost of $151,193.00.



The Fleet Services Division requested the purchase of seven (7) model year 2010 Ford Crown Victoria patrol vehicles as replacements for existing patrol vehicles.  This purchase will cause seven aging vehicles that have higher than average maintenance and operation costs to be removed from the fleet and disposed of at auction.


Fleet Services originally budgeted $97,920 for the replacement of unit #426, a semi tractor assigned to the Electric Department.  Fleet will refurbish/rebuild the existing unit for approximately $8,000, in lieu of purchasing a new truck.  This will result in a savings of $89,920 for this vehicle.  Fleet also budgeted $48,640 for the purchase of a new trencher for the Gas Department replacing unit #568.  The Gas Department will continue to use the trencher they currently have.  The Electric Department also has a newer trencher Gas can borrow, if necessary.  Lower actual usage of the truck and trencher has eliminated the need for their replacement with new equipment.  By refurbishing #426 and deferring the replacement unit #568, Fleet has identified $138,560 in available funds for this purchase. 


Vehicles Being Replaced


Unit No.

Vehicle Year & Model

Current Miles


2003 Ford Crown Victoria



2003 Ford Crown Victoria



2002 Ford Crown Victoria



2002 Ford Crown Victoria



2002 Ford Crown Victoria



2002 Ford Crown Victoria



2002 Ford Crown Victoria




The Purchasing Division issued Invitation to Bid 100231 soliciting interested dealers to provide seven new Ford Crown Victoria patrol vehicles as specified.  Four bid responses were received and are summarized here.


Dealer Name / Location

Unit Price

Unit Price Diff. from Low

Total Price

Don Reid Ford

Maitland, FL




Garber Ford

Green Cove Springs, FL




Bartow Ford

Bartow, FL




Mike Davidson Ford

Jacksonville, FL







1.  Approve the bid award and purchase to Don Reid Ford for a total amount of $151,193.00; or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate



Fiscal Impact

As described in the analysis section, $138,560 is available from re-evaluating budgeted vehicle purchases.  The additional $12,633 will come from savings on prior budgeted vehicle purchases.


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       Jobs:  10,11,12,13,14,15,16


Budget  ____$675,098___________


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