Meeting Date:           May 10, 2010


From:                          Mike Thornton, Purchasing Manager


Subject:                      Purchase request 42324 to Applied Aquatic Management for vegetation removal at Lake Hollywood pond



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends approval of purchase request 42324 to Applied Aquatic Management (AAM) for work related to removal of invasive aquatic vegetation for an amount not to exceed $60,000.00.



Lake Hollywood Pond has become overgrown with invasive plant material such as willows, torpedo grasses and dead floating tussocks.  AAM will use mechanical shredding and harvesting equipment to remove the invasive vegetation.  Once the overgrowth is removed ongoing maintenance and control can be accomplished using routine chemical methods.  Removal of the vegetation will improve the aesthetics of Lake Hollywood as well as decrease the amount of chemicals required for ongoing maintenance.


AAM estimates the shredding machine work will take 5-7 days.  The actual number of days needed depends on factors such as water depths and how many willow trees are to be cut and removed.  The harvesting, hauling and removal of floating material is estimated to take 12-14 days.  A copy of the cost proposal is attached for your review.


All vegetation removed from the lake must be stored on-site until it has dried sufficiently to allow for hauling over public roadways.  Hauling is not permitted if the material is too wet and water drips from the truck.  When sufficiently dry, the vegetation will be hauled to the spray fields at the Turnpike Waste Water Treatment Plant where it will be spread and allowed to fully dry.  When fully dry the material will be incorporated into the spray field soil by city staff.


City Commission approved an agreement with Applied Aquatic Management December 8, 2008 and extended the agreement on January 11, 2010.  The agreement provides unit pricing for chemical treatment of city storm water ponds.  The contract also provides a unit price of $210.00 per hour for mechanical/physical removal of vegetation.  The cost proposal submitted by AAM adheres to the contracted hourly rate.  Environmental Services staff will closely monitor and audit actual hours worked by AAM to insure the City is billed for actual work performed.



1.  Approve the purchase request to Applied Aquatic Management not to exceed $60,000.00; or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact

Funds are available in the Stormwater capital budget.


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