Meeting Date:           July 26, 2010


From:                          Doug Drymon, Deputy City Manager 


Subject:                      Request to the City Commission for approval to dispose of City-owned parcel 1233089; located at 9 Lucerne Circle, Leesburg.



Staff Recommendation:

Direct staff to proceed with having an appraisal of the property prepared, and submit this information to the City Commission at a future meeting together with a resolution authorizing the City Manager to solicit bids from adjoining property owners and execute sale documents.



The above parcel was obtained by the City in January of 2000 and is currently vacant, although a residential structure did exist on the property at the time the City took title to it.  The City subsequently had the residential structure demolished. 


Within the last several months an adjoining property owner has contacted City staff and expressed an interest in purchasing the property.  In the past, when the City has come into possession of a parcel that could be utilized for single family housing, if felt appropriate these lots have been made available to agencies such as Habitat for Humanity.  Although the lot in question is considered buildable by our Community Development staff, the setback requirements applying to this lot will dictate that the structure be very narrow (30’ maximum) and most likely out-of-character with the adjoining neighborhood.  For this reason, staff believes that combining the parcel in question with one or more of the adjoining residential lots would be the better alternative from the perspective of good planning.


A check with our City departments indicates there are no utility or recreational needs that would be served by the City retaining title to the property.  Sale of the property will, however, eliminate the burden of the City having to clean and mow the lot on a regular basis.




1.      Direct staff to proceed with having an appraisal of the property performed.

2.      Have the City continue to hold title to the property and maintain it.

3.      Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate



Fiscal Impact

Disposal of this parcel will result in a one-time contribution of an as yet-to-be-determined amount to the City’s General Fund, as well as a reduction in on-going maintenance costs. 




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