MEETING DATE:   November 22, 2010


FROM:                       Bill Wiley, AICP, Community Development Director


SUBJECT:                  Proposed Tentative Interlocal Service Boundary Agreement (ISBA) map



Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends approval of the proposed tentative boundaries for the attached ISBA map, particularly those between Mascotte and Groveland.



The City of Groveland adopted a Resolution in March 2010 to begin the negotiation process for an ISBA set forth in Section 171.203, Florida Statutes.  The City of Leesburg then adopted a Responding Resolution and has since attended several meetings with the participating cities and County.  One of the main areas of discussion has been the Service Boundary Map.  Through discussions with representatives from the cities of Groveland and Mascotte, Leesburg Planning staff has marked up the attached map indicating our preferred tentative boundaries along Bridges Road to the west, following the River south to Royal Highlands. Staff concurs with the red line demarcation as drawn by Groveland.  The proposed boundaries are generally consistent with our Utility Service Area.



1.         Approve the proposed tentative Service Areas boundaries as represented on the attached map.

2.         Other such action as the Commission may deem appropriate.


Fiscal Impact

There is no fiscal impact to the City with this action.


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Department: Community Development

Prepared by:  Bill Wiley,AICP/Yvette L. Brandt, AICP                     

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