Meeting Date:           January 10, 2011


From:                          Mike Thornton


Subject:                      Purchase Request 43021 to Technology for Energy Corporation for the purchase of a Power Master 7302 to test and analyze CT and PT meters in the amount of $29,395.00.



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends approval of purchase request 43021 to Technology for Energy Corporation in the amount of $29,395.00 for the purchase of a Power Master 7302 for testing and analyzing CT and PT meters to verify accurate usage on commercial accounts.



The Electric Department is requesting this single source item because there is no other machine that will perform the same functions as the Power Master 7302.  The Power Master has the ability to simultaneously test all three CTs and PTs in the metering circuit.  The user can quickly view the power pairs (secondary and primary) for diagnostics.  Each test displays the graphs of the burden, ratio and parallelogram for all phases on one page.  If any errors are found during testing, the user can quickly determine the problem with a supplied list of diagnostic features.  If the CT circuit has little or no load, the CT may be added with load to perform a test in the field.  If results are found to be out of tolerance, the user has the option to demagnetize the CT without moving any connections or exiting out of the testing setup.  No separate boxes or devices are needed.


The Power Master can be easily accessed for important functions at any time.  With a touch of a button, the user may view a vector diagram, power meter, waveforms and harmonics or view a full analysis which displays all four functions in one screen for an overview of the entire circuit.  The status key allows the user to view the condition of the test setup and the internal workings of the Power Master.  These keys may be alternatively accessed using a PC/laptop or USB keyboard via function keys.  There is no other unit that will do this task.        


The Power Master is housed in a compact case, which is waterproof, weather tight and rugged.  This is the same type of case used by EMS and fire departments providing durability and protection for their rescue equipment.  The Power Master has a large front panel which allows the user to keep safety gloves on at all times.  The large buttons are on a tactile key panel creating a splash proof membrane.  A keyboard or mouse can be alternatively used instead of the key panel, which allows the user the freedom of operating the machine identical to a PC.  Compared to other machines with small black and white displays, the 8.4 inch full color transflective VGA display screen allows the user to view the data and operate in full sunlight. 


The Power Master has a built-in database that can hold all information pertaining to the site including (but not limited to) the meter, CT, PT, AMR, account number, address, substation, GPS locator, billing multiplier and information on when the site will need to be retested.  The user can easily select a pre-loaded component (meter, CT, PT, etc.) from the large database or create a new component to be associated with each metering site.  Using the Meter Site Manager PC software, this information along with data results can be synchronized to the master database or formatted into a file for exporting into the utility’s master database.  The advantage of having a built-in database inside the Power Master is the ability to create a daily route of tests for the user that can be setup in the shop or synched from Meter Site Manager before going into the field.



1.  Approve purchase requisition 43021 to Technology for Energy Corporation or;

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact:


Funding is budgeted and available in the 2011 fiscal year for $28,000.00 and the remaining $1,395.00 will be absorbed by savings on other purchases within the budget category.


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