Meeting Date:           January 10, 2011


From:                          Mike Thornton


Subject:                      Resolutions authorizing execution of three agreements and a supplemental agreement related to the purchase and implementation of an Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system to be used with the City utility billing and customer service system.



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends approval of the resolutions related to the purchase and implementation of an Integrated Voice Response System with Selectron Technologies, Inc. and SunGard Public Sector for a total first year cost of $95,990.00



The purpose of this purchase is to acquire and implement an Integrated Voice Response (IVR) System.  This system will be integrated with the City’s phone system and customer service/utility billing software database.  The IVR system will allow utility customers to call in and retrieve their account information through a series of telephone prompts.  They will also have the ability to pay their utility bill by credit card over the telephone during the same phone call.


The City will also use the system as a method of notifying customers if their account becomes delinquent.  This will be an automated outbound call by the IVR system based on a delinquency report generated by the utility billing system.  The customer will have the opportunity to make payment by credit card during the delinquency notification call.


The Commission recently approved halting the mailing of hard-copy reminder notices to customers with a delinquent or past due account.  This outbound telephonic delinquency notification will be used in place of the mailed reminder notices.


This IVR system will provide the following features and services to utility customers and City staff:


Account Access – VoiceUtility provides callers with current utility account status information, including the callers site number, site address, current or delinquent balance, payment due date, pending amount, and consumption information.  Additionally, callers may request to hear billing and payment history for the last 12 months.  Access to this information requires the caller to enter their utility account number and, optionally, a security code.


SmartDelivery – SmartDelivery software enables VoiceUtility to send faxes and/or e-mails to callers.  If requested, callers would be prompted to enter the number where the fax should be sent.


Payment Processing: Credit Card – VoiceUtility accepts credit card payments over the telephone based on the City’s business rules for card payment processing.


Outbound Alert – This feature allows the City to deliver generic informational messages to groups of people.  Each person receiving the alert receives the same message.  Typical alert examples might include community event reminders or advance utility service interruptions.


Outbound Notify – This feature allows the City to deliver tailored messages to individuals or groups.  These messages are more specific to certain individuals or groups.  Setup of this feature requires assistance from Selectron Technologies.


Outbound Notify: Delinquency Notification – This feature interacts with the utility billing database.  The utility billing software will generate a delinquency list.  This list is used to notify each of the customers about their delinquent account(s).  Information provided in the notice includes account number, delinquent date, delinquent amount and the due date.  Customers will then have the option during the delinquency notification call to choose to process a credit card payment.  This feature is being implemented in place of the mailed reminder notices.


Professional Voice Recording – All system prompts and street names are professionally recorded prior to installation. 


City Features – Staff will have access to the following features as management tools on the system use and transaction processing.

·         Transaction Logging and VoiceUtility Reporting

·         Credit Card Transaction Reporting

·         Real Time Payment Posting to SunGard billing software




















The breakdown of costs is as follows:






Voice Utility Interactive Voice Response Base Solution (12 port)

$       66,900.00

VoiceUtility Hardware & Software

$         3,000.00

VoiceUtility Additional Functionality

  • Outbound Delivery Services
  • Delinquency Notification
  • Outbound Alert

$       13,500.00

One Time Port Discount

$         4,000.00

Sub-Total Selectron Technologies

$       79,400.00


Customer Information System (CIS)/IVR Interface

$        7,725.00

CIS/IVR Credit Card Interface

$        3,050.00

CIS Delinquency Call Out List

$         3,050.00

Maintenance Fees – Year 1

$         2,765.00

Sub-Total SunGard PS Cost

$        16,590.00


$       95,990.00








Annual Support & Maintenance – Years 2 – 6

$13,822.80 per Year

($69,114.00  5 years)



SunGard CIS/IVR Maintenance Fees Years 2 – 6

$2,765.00 per Year

($13,825 5 years)

Annual Recurring Maintenance Cost

$           16,587.80

Total Maintenance Costs Over 5 Years

$           82,939.00

Total All Costs Over 6 Years (includes purchase)

$         178,929.00





$           29,821.50



The IVR system will also allow customers to pay their bills by credit card on a 24/7 basis over the telephone, should they not have access to the Click2Gov Internet bill pay method.


Use of the VoiceUtility system from Selectron Technologies, Inc. provides the City with a proven solution and reliable integration between the IVR product and the SunGard Public Sector Customer Information System (CIS).  The Selectron product relies on the information in the customer service and utility billing database to provide useful information to the caller.


The interfaces between the Selectron and SunGard software products are already completed and available.  Selectron Technologies, Inc. is a SunGard Premier Business Partner. 


There are other companies that provide IVR products, however Selectron Technologies, Inc. is the only company that is a SunGard Premier Business Partner and has already developed all the required interfaces between their VoiceUtility system and the SunGard CIS system.  This product is already installed at many other agencies/utilities using the SunGard software; a local example would be City of Winter Park.  It is a proven product with developed interfaces.


The costs to develop the interfaces by another company would be passed on to the City. The costs to the City in implementing other IVR systems would be much greater.


The Purchasing Division recommends the Commission approve this purchase as a ‘Single Source’ procurement.  Selectron Technologies, Inc. is the only Integrated Voice Response company providing an IVR product with the interface to the SunGard Public Sector CIS software already developed and ready to implement.



1.  Approve the resolutions related to the purchase and implementation of the IVR system; or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate



Fiscal Impact

The startup cost of this project will be $95,990.00 which was included in the fiscal year 2009-10 budget ($101,500) and subject to Commission approval, will be rolled to fiscal year 2010-11.  Annual recurring maintenance costs will be budgeted in the Information Technology budget each year.


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