Meeting Date:           March 14, 2011


From:                          Mike Thornton, Purchasing Manager


Subject:                      Purchase request 43348 and award of Invitation to Bid 110131for the purchase of a digger/derrick truck to be assigned to the fleet services division


Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends approval of purchase request 43348 and award of Invitation to Bid (ITB) 110131 to second lowest bidder Altec Industries, Inc. for a total amount of $247,592.00.



The purpose of this solicitation is to purchase a new 50 foot hydraulic digger derrick truck for use by the Electric Department.  This equipment is a heavy duty truck cab and chassis with a minimum 56,000 gross vehicle weight rating.  This equipment is used primarily for the setting and rigging of power poles.  The equipment also has a digging auger to allow for drilling of the holes prior to setting the pole.  This unit must be capable of lifting poles ranging from small wood to large concrete.


It is preferable to have equipment of similar specifications and ratings to insure all like equipment, digger/derricks in this case, can perform the same work.  An operator should be able to move from one piece of equipment to another and be assured that each has the same lifting capacities.  Trucks of different capabilities can create an unsafe condition.


The new unit will replace existing unit #479 a 1997 GMC Digger Derrick with approximately 6,324 hours.


Procurement & Bid Analysis:

On January 17, 2011, the Purchasing Division issued ITB 110131 incorporating equipment specifications prepared by the Fleet Services Division of Public Works for a digger/derrick truck.  On February 8, 2011, three responses were received.


The fleet services division evaluated the bids of each company for conformance to the requested specifications in the ITB and determined by analysis of the bids submitted, Altec Industries, Inc. proposed equipment meeting all requested specifications.  The low bidder, Orlando Freightliner, Inc. (OFI), took exception to several specification items Fleet deemed significant enough to not recommend award.  Those items are listed here:





Front Axle Rating – 18,000 lbs.

16,000 lbs.

Decreases the effective weight capacity of the vehicle.  This is a safety concern should operators work on different trucks with different capacities.

Warranty work to be performed by City and reimbursed by vendor.

OVI took exception to the City performing warranty work.

The City would have to send the equipment offsite for repairs which would result in longer downtime.

Cab to axle measurement 143.9-inches


OFI altered the bid specification which is not permitted.

6-Speed Transmission

5-Speed Transmission

The additional gear places the gear ratios closer together which is a desirable feature when pulling heavier loads.  It can also improve fuel mileage by having a higher top gear.



Company / Location

Aerial Device


Model Year


Base Bid Price

Fully Met Specifications

Altec Industries

Fort Pierce, FL




$ 247,592.00



Ring Power

St. Augustine, FL



Commander 50/50

$ 252,668.00



Orlando Freightliner

Apopka , FL




$ 246,639.00




The ITB indicated bids would be evaluated and recommend award based on a ‘Best Value’ determination.  The Fleet Services Division has determined the equipment bid by Altec Industries, Inc.  fully meets the specifications and provides the best value to the City even though they are not the lowest bid.



1.  Approve the purchase to Altec Industries, Inc. for a total amount of $247,592.00; or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate 


Fiscal Impact

Fleet Services budgeted and has available $250,000.00 in this fiscal year for the replacement of this equipment.


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