Meeting Date:           April 11, 2011


From:                          Mike Thornton, Purchasing Manager


Subject:                      Purchase request 43349 and award of bid #110151 to Orlando Freightliner for the purchase of one cab/chassis, body and aerial device (bucket truck).



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends award of bid 110151 and approval of purchase request 43349 to Orlando Freightliner, Inc. for a total amount of $171,698.00.



The Fleet Services division is replacing existing bucket truck #448 assigned to the electric department.  Unit 448 is a 2001 GMC truck with approximately 5,455 hours of operating time and is in need of replacement.  The unit being replaced was purchased in January 2001.


Fleet Services prepared specifications for all components of the piece of equipment to be purchased.  The components consist of the cab & chassis, which is the ‘truck’ part of the equipment.  The ‘body’ component is the tool boxes or storage compartments.  The aerial platform is generally referred to as the bucket, but includes the turntable that attaches to the body as well as the boom that supports and lifts the bucket into the air.


The Purchasing Division used the specifications to create Invitation to Bid (ITB) #110151 which was issued on January 31, 2011.  On February 22, 2011 four responses to the ITB were received.  Those responses are summarized here.



Cab & Chassis

Aerial Device

Bid Amount

Stamm Manufacturing

2012 Freightliner M2

Versalift VST 47I


Ring Power

2012 International

Terex TL45


Orlando Freightliner

2012 Freightliner M2

Altec 206-TA45M


Altec Industries

2011 International 7400

Altec TA45M



* Ring Power ‘proposed’ an alternate price of $161,595.00 using a 2012 Freightliner cab & chassis.  The alternate price was not submitted according to the bid instructions.


The Fleet Services Division evaluated the submittals as detailed here.


Stamm Manufacturing

Determination:  Eliminated due to deficient warranty and not meeting specification 1.10 related to the jib length and extension.

Summary of evaluation:  Stamm Manuf. proposed a Versalift aerial device on a Freightliner cab & chassis.  Deficiencies in this bid were the inability to meet the requirements related to the jib extension and the aerial device warranty.


The jib is a ‘mini’ crane attached to the boom next to the bucket.  This device allows the worker to hoist items up to the working height and support items as they work on them.  Not having the requested 4-foot attachable extension limits the capabilities and reach of the device.  The Electric Department states they require the 4-foot extension.


The City requested a lifetime warranty to the original owner on the aerial device and most of its components.  Versalift offers a base warranty of 1 year parts only.  Versalift noted an extended warranty is available for an additional cost; additional 1 year = $1,645.00 or an additional 2 years = $3,455.00.


Adding the additional extended warranty would bring the equipment cost to $171,269.00.  The manufacturers’ standard warranty and availability of the extended warranty is considered deficient from the request and what is available from other aerial device manufacturers.  The City assigns this class of equipment a 10 year life.  Even with the extended warranty the equipment would not be covered for the final 7 years of the equipment life.


Ring Power

Determination:  Purchasing eliminated this vendor for non-responsiveness.  Their original bid was submitted with an alternate included.  Staff pursued the alternate bid and again requested the vendor to submit the specification checklist.  The vendor did not submit the specification checklist as instructed.  The vendor also marked compliance with specification items in their original bid they clearly did not comply with.  For example, they marked comply on a powder coated body.  Their product literature clearly indicated they do not powder coat the body components.


Summary of Evaluation:  Fleet Services did evaluate the original bid and alternate bid submitted by Ring Power.


The Terex aerial device comes with a lifetime parts only warranty on the aerial device structural components.  Conditions of the warranty would require the City to coordinate and pay for annual inspections of the aerial device at a cost of $425.00 for each inspection. The total cost over the life of the equipment would be $3,825.00.  If an inspection were to be missed the lifetime warranty is reduced to a 5-year parts only warranty.  Addition of the annual inspection fee would provide an equipment cost of $165,420.00.  Adding the inspection cost to their original base bid would result in an equipment cost of $175,274.54; exceeding the bid price of the lowest responsive bidder Orlando Freightliner.


Ring Power took exception to the fuel tank size and front tire size.  The City requested a 70-gallon tank and Ring Power specified a 50-gallon tank.  The Electric Department has requested large ‘floater’ type tires on the front of this all wheel drive truck.  The larger tires reduce the possibility of getting stuck in soft dirt or sandy soil conditions.  Ring Power specified smaller 315/80R22.5 20 Ply Radial tires instead of the requested 385-65R22.5.


The Purchasing Division identified the alternate bid submitted by Ring Power.  With the potential of a $10,000 savings staff requested the vendor, Ring Power, to submit the specifications check list for the alternate bid proposal.  The bid document clearly gives the following direction on page 4, item 9 to vendors wishing to submit an alternate bid:


9.  Multiple Responses - If an interested and qualified vendor wishes to bid more than one type of equipment they may do so by submitting a SEPARATE COMPLETE SEALED BID PACKAGE FOR EACH piece of equipment they wish to bid. Multiple bids CANNOT be submitted in the same sealed envelope. Doing so may cause all bids to be rejected.


Staff sent the Ring Power representative a letter requesting they submit the specifications checklist for the alternate price.  The vendor did not complete the entire specifications checklist as requested.  The letter and deficient response from Ring Power are attached.


Orlando Freightliner

Determination:  Fleet Services has determined Orlando Freightliner to have offered the ‘best value’ to the city and is fully compliant with the requested specifications.  No additional costs are required to meet specifications including the lifetime original owner warranty.


Summary of Evaluation:  Orlando Freightliner is fully compliant with the desired specifications and took no exceptions.  Staff has confirmed the cab & chassis to be provided by the vendor comes with a 70-gallon fuel tank and the requested ‘floater’ front tires.


Altec Industries provides an original owner lifetime warranty on BOTH parts and labor at no additional cost or requirement of annual inspections.


Altec Industries

Determination:  Fleet Services did not consider this bidder.  They submitted the highest base bid price.



1.  Approve the purchase request and award of bid 110151 to Orlando Freightliner; or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact

Fleet Services budgeted for this purchase and has available $172,884.00.  The purchase cost of $171,698.00 will result in a savings of $1,186.00.


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