Meeting Date:           May 23, 2011


From:                          Fred A. Morrison, City Attorney


Subject:                      Charter Review Committee



Staff Recommendation:

Determine whether the Commission wishes to appoint a Charter Review Committee, and if so, how its membership should be constituted and the scope of its responsibilities.



At an earlier meeting, Commissioners expressed an interest in the possible formation of a committee to review the existing City Charter and propose possible amendments to it, which would then go before the electorate in a referendum. I was tasked with preparing a proposal for the formation of such a committee. I did prepare a proposal which has been reviewed by the City Manager over the past several weeks and is now being presented to the City Commission for its consideration.



1.      Appoint a Charter Review Committee; determine how many members should be on it, how they should be appointed, and what qualifications if any the members should possess; establish a scope of responsibility for the Committee. Or,

2.      Decline to appoint such a Committee at this time.


Fiscal Impact

If a Committee is appointed, the City will incur some minor expense related to its meetings, and would incur the expense of a referendum on any changes the Committee proposes.


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