Meeting Date:           June 13, 2011


From:                          Mike Thornton, Purchasing Manager


Subject:                      Purchase request 43573 and award of bid 110231 to Godwin Pumps of America, Inc. for the purchase of an emergency by-pass pump



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends approval of an agreement with Godwin Pumps of America, Inc. for the purchase of an emergency by-pass pump for $34,294.68.



This purchase is for a new emergency by-pass pump for the wastewater treatment facility at 628 N. Canal Street.  This pump will provide back up pumping in the event of a power failure and generator malfunction to prevent a sewage spill into Lake Griffin.  The pump will also provide additional pumping capacity to the influent structure during wet weather events (hurricane/tropical storm).


Under this purchase the vendor will provide a six inch automatic priming centrifugal Godwin pump, John Deere diesel engine.  The pump and engine will be mounted on a skid with a 60-gallon fuel tank for semi-permanent installation at the plant.  The vendor will set and commission the pump as well as install all suction and discharge piping for connection to the treatment system.


The pump has a maximum pumping capacity of 1,700 gallons per minute and a maximum head of 160 feet.  The pump is capable of pumping solids up to 3 inches.  The product specification sheet is included for your review.  This purchase will not include a trailer as shown in the specifications.  The pump package will be mounted on a skid for semi-permanent ground installation as mentioned previously.


On April 18, 2011, the Purchasing Division issued Invitation to Bid (ITB) 110231 inviting interested and qualified firms to submit sealed bids for consideration by the City.  On May 10, 2011, the City received two bids in response to the ITB.  The Environmental Services Department evaluated the bid submittals and recommended award to the low bidder, Godwin Pumps of America, Inc.







Godwin Pumps of America, Inc.



Holland Pump Company




The local Business Enterprise (LBE) preference was not a factor in this bid evaluation as neither of the bidders met the requirements of being considered a LBE.



1.  Authorize the purchase of a by-pass pump from Godwin Pumps of America, Inc.; or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate





Fiscal Impact

Funding for the $34,294.68 purchase is budgeted and available in the 2011 fiscal year.



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