Meeting Date:           September 26, 2011


From:                          Mike Thornton, Purchasing Manager


Subject:                      Purchase request 43788 and award of Invitation to Bid 110301for the purchase of natural gas generators for lift station emergency back-up power sources



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends award of Invitation to Bid (ITB) 110301 and approval of purchase request 43788 to Zabatt Power Systems for a total amount of $39,199.00.



The purpose of this solicitation is to purchase two new backup generators and transfer switches to be installed at two wastewater lift stations.  The first generator is a 40 KW generator and transfer switch and will serve as an emergency back-up power source for Lift Station 84 located at 26532 Ace Ave., Leesburg, FL  34748 and serves the Highland Lakes area. The second unit is a  60 KW Generator and Transfer Switch which will be an emergency back-up power source for Lift Station 9 located at 1116 North Shore Drive, Leesburg, FL and serves the Beverly Shores area.


The purchase of these two units will be funded from both the current 20ll fiscal year and the 2012 fiscal year following budget adoption.  The purchase of the 40 KW unit at Lift Station 84 is budgeted in fiscal year 2011 and funds are available for this purpose.  The purchase of the 60 KW unit for lift station 9 is included in the 2012 draft budget.  If this item is approved, the purchase of the 60KW generator will be deferred until after October 1, 2011 and be contingent upon the budget being adopted with this item unchanged.


The initial approach for this acquisition was to issue an ITB for furnishing and installing the generator sets.  A single vendor would provide and install the generator sets.  Purchasing recommended separate ITB’s be issued for the purchase of the generator units and another for the installation.  Splitting the purchase of the units and installation will allow the City to solicit local contractors to provide the installation service.  Following order confirmation of the generators, purchasing will solicit quotes from local contractors for the installation of the generators.  The cost of installation is not expected to exceed $25,000 for both units and will not require a formal ITB be issued.  Installation will involve pouring of an appropriate sized concrete pad, associated electrical connections and installation/connection to gas service.  Each generator will use natural gas provided by the Leesburg Gas Utility for fuel.


Procurement & Bid Analysis:

On August 8, 2011, the Purchasing Division issued ITB 110301 incorporating specifications the fleet services division prepared for the purchase of the generators.  On the August 30, 2011 bid opening date, seven (7) responses were received.


The ITB indicated bids would be evaluated and a recommended award made to the most responsive and responsible lowest bidder.  The Fleet Services Division has determined the equipment bid by Zabatt Power Systems meets the specifications.  Purchasing has determined Zabatt Power Systems to be both responsive and responsible.


None of the bidders were eligible for consideration under the City’s Local Business Enterprise policy. 




Vendor Name


Generator Unit 1

40 KW w/ Switch

Fiscal Year 2011

Generator Unit 2

60 KW w/ Switch

Fiscal Year 2012

Total Bid

Both Units

Zabatt Power Sys.







ACF Standby Sys.







Emer. Power Sys.







Leete Generators

Santa Rosa, Ca






RingPower Corp.







CJ’s Sales & Service



Detroit Diesel/MTV


Detroit Diesel/MTV


Florida Detroit Diesel



Detroit Diesel/MTV


Detroit Diesel/MTV




1.  Approve the purchase to Zabatt Power Systems for a total amount of $39,199.00 split between fiscal years 2011 and 2012 as detailed; or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate 


Fiscal Impact

The purchase cost of $18, 230 for generator unit 1 is budgeted and funds are available in fiscal year 2011.  The purchase of unit 2 is in the 2012 draft budget, and once adopted, funds for the purchase cost of $20,969 will be available.  Purchase of this unit will be deferred until after October 1, 2011 and be contingent on the budget being adopted with this item remaining unchanged.


Funds for this purchase will be transferred from the Wastewater Capital Equipment account to the Fleet Services new equipment purchases account listed here.  This purchase will add new generators to the fleet.  A monthly lease and maintenance fee will be charged to Wastewater.


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