Meeting Date:           September 26, 2011


From:                          James Feagle, Deputy Director of Public Works


Subject:                      Discussion and Direction from Commission Regarding a Reduction of the Speed Limit on Main Street



Staff Recommendation:

Direction of City Commission.



Staff has been approached by The Leesburg Partnership, along with members of the Downtown Leesburg Business Association (DLBA) regarding a concern for pedestrian traffic between 9th Street and Canal Street.  The Partnership is concerned that the speed of traffic and pedestrians crossing the road have created a high potential for an accident.  Mr. Shipes has requested the speed limit be reduced from 20 MPH to 15 MPH. 


On August 4, 2011, Jimmy Feagle and Chief Chrisman met with Mr. Shipes, Mr. Jerry Galbreath, Ms. Jeanne Thorp, Mr. Greg Thorp and Mr. Rex Masterman to discuss these concerns.  During the meeting several ideas were proposed, such as adding four way stop intersections, installation of bollards between lanes of traffic, additional signage, adding additional traffic signals, and reduction of the speed limit.  The City has to weigh all options and ensure that the downtown area is as safe as possible; this will include a safe flow of vehicular traffic along with pedestrian traffic.


The representatives of the Leesburg Partnership and DLBA attending this meeting recommended that a reduction of the speed limit between 9th and Canal Streets from 20 MPH to 15 MPH would be the best option at this time, and have requested that the City implement their request.


Staff  wants the Commission to be aware of the request and have the opportunity to discuss and give direction, if desired.



1.  Approve the request for a reduction of the speed limit; or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact

Pending Commissions direction.


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