Section 25-292 Supplemental District Requirements

(11) Recreational vehicles. The following regulations apply to the use, parking, storage and keeping of    recreational vehicles in all zoning districts.

a. Recreational vehicles may be used for living, sleeping or housekeeping purposes only in mobile home parks and those districts permitting recreational vehicle parks, except that recreational vehicles may be used on a lot of record in a residential district in accordance with regulation of temporary manufactured homes. Development plan approval is required for any development of a recreational vehicle park.

b. Parking of recreational vehicles is permitted only for the purpose of storing the vehicles in all districts, except as provided in subsection (1) of this section. Such vehicle shall not:

1. Be used for the storage of goods, materials or equipment other than those items considered to be part of the vehicle essential for its immediate use.

2.  Discharge or discard any litter, effluent, sewage or other matter into any public right-of- way or upon any private property while parked and provided in this section.

3.  Be occupied or used for living, sleeping or housekeeping purposes; or;

4.  Be stored on any vacant, unoccupied or unimproved lot.

c. No owner shall allow any recreational vehicle eighteen (18) feet or more in length to be parked on a public street longer than eight (8) hours in any twenty-four-hour period.

d. In all residential districts the following additional restrictions shall also apply to the parking, storing or keeping of recreational vehicles:

1.  Parking is permitted inside any enclosed structure which complies with the dimensional requirements of the particular district.

2.  Parking is permitted outside any structure in the side or rear yard, provided the vehicle is a minimum of two (2) feet from the lot line.

3.  Parking is permitted outside any structure in the front yard, provided;

 i. If space is not available in the rear or side yard and no structure for storage is available   or there is no access to either the side or rear yard.

 ii. The vehicle must be parked perpendicular to the front property line. No part of the vehicle may extend over a public sidewalk, bike path or street.

e. All mixed use, business, office and industrial districts storage of such vehicles shall comply with requirements for outdoor storage.