Meeting Date:           December 12, 2011


From:                          Raymond S. Sharp, Environmental Services/Public Works Director


Subject:                      Crosby Street Update



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends that we proceed with repairs to Crosby Street, using revised recommendations provided by the City’s geotechnical consultant.



In July, 2011 staff received a report from our geotechnical consultant recommending specific repair methods to Crosby Street adjacent to a sinkhole that had opened on private property.  Those recommendations included an assumption that the property owner would make appropriate repairs to the sinkhole to stabilize it and surrounding soils.  That has not happened; there is no indication that it is likely to happen in the foreseeable future.


Unfortunately, that leaves Crosby Street closed, which is an inconvenience for the neighborhood.  Staff has reviewed the original recommendations with the geotechnical consultant, who had offered an alternative repair method.  In brief, the alternate recommendation is to compact the right of way of Crosby Street with a vibratory roller, perform a few additional soil borings to verify that the subsurface soils are suitably compacted and consolidated, and then repair the water and sewer lines and resurface the affected area of Crosby Street.



1.  Proceed with alternative repair method recommended by geotechnical consultant; or,

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact

At this moment, repair costs are estimated at $35,000.  There is sufficient funding in the current budget to make this repair.


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Department: Public Works

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