Meeting Date:           January 23, 2012


From:                          Mike Thornton, Purchasing Manager, for

                                    Jimmy Feagle, Deputy Public Works Director


Subject:                      Purchase request for seven new trucks and one van by the Fleet Services Division.



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends approval of purchase request 44221 and award of Invitation to Bid (ITB) 120051 to the lowest bidders Don Reid Ford ($189,121.00) and Mullinax Ford ($46,411.00) for a total amount of $235,532.00.



The Fleet Services Division requested the purchase of eight vehicles to replace existing motor pool vehicles assigned to various departments listed below:


New Vehicle Information

Replaced Vehicle Information

Vehicle to Purchase

Low Bid Vendor


Purchase Price

Assigned Dept.

Vehicle Being Replaced



2012:  Ford 1 ½  Ton Cab & Chassis, Dual rear wheel, 4 wheel drive Pick-Up, with 11’ Service Body & Towing Package                                (3 each)

Don Reid Ford

Maitland, FL

$42,580 ea.



$127,740 total

(2) Gas



(1) WWT








3660 hr.

2012:  Ford 3/4  Ton, 2 wheel drive Pick-Up with a utility body and Towing Package                   (1 each)

Mullinax Ford

Kissimmee, FL

$21,743 each

$21,743 total





2012:  Ford Pick-up, 3/4 Ton, 4-wheel drive with 8’ Service Body and Towing Package                                (1 each)

Mullinax Ford

Kissimmee, FL

$24,668 each

$24,668 total





2012:  Ford Pick-up, 1/2 Ton, extended cab, 4-wheel drive, off-road tires and Towing Package     (2 each)

Don Reid Ford

Maitland, FL

$21,743 each


$43,486 total








2012:  Ford Utility Cargo Van 3/4  Ton 2 wheel drive                (1 each)

Don Reid Ford

Maitland, FL

$17,895 each

$17,895 total






To realize the most competition and allow local car dealers to participate, the Purchasing Division issued Invitation to Bid 120051 in lieu of purchasing from other competitively bid contracts such as the Florida Sheriffs Association bid award for equipment providing quantities and specifications of the vehicles to be purchased. 


A comparison of Florida Sheriffs Association contract pricing was made in conjunction to the bid prices received in response to ITB 120051. Pricing was for vehicles equipped the same or similar as recommended award.  With the tentative exception of Item 3, all item comparisons indicated the prices received in response to ITB 120051 were the most favorable. Initially, the Sheriff’s Association (SA) price appeared lowest for Item 3 by $87 until it was determined the SA price was for a standard body and not the specified 8-foot Service Body.


The bid specifications were broad enough to allow bidding by dealers representing Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, and Dodge manufacturers.  Leesburg area dealers Key Scales, Vann Gannaway, George Nahas, and Cecil Clark were notified of the ITB requirements, but did not submit a bid.


Procurement & Bid Analysis:

On November 21, 2011, the Purchasing Division issued ITB 120051 incorporating fleet services division prepared specifications for the purchase of 7 trucks and 1 cargo van.  On December 6, 2011, three (3) responses were received.


The bids received were evaluated by the Fleet Management and Purchasing Departments which resulted in a determination the pricing submitted by Mullinax Ford to be the lowest for Items 2 and 3; while the lowest pricing for Items 1, 4 and 5 was submitted by Don Reid Ford.



1.  Approve the purchase to the three vendors for the vehicles as listed; or;

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact

A total of $235,532.00 is budgeted and available in the 2012 fiscal year to replace the listed vehicles. The total purchase cost of $235,532.00 will result in a budget versus actual savings of $27,087.00.


Submission Date and Time:    1/20/2012 11:06 AM______


Department: _ Public Works/Fleet Services

Prepared by:  _Mike Thornton_________                     

Attachments:         Yes _X__   No ______

Advertised: __X__ Not Required ______                     

Dates: __November 20, 2011____________                  

Attorney Review :       Yes___  No _X___                                                  

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Revised 6/10/04 


Reviewed by: Dept. Head ________

Finance  Dept. ________JB__________                              

Deputy C.M. ____________________                                                                        

Submitted by:

City Manager ____________________


Account No. _001-5110-519-6413__

Project No. __Fleet___________


WF No. ___   WF0747231________

                          Jobs: 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,



Budget  _____$262,619.00________


Available _____________________