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Item No:                    5F.


Meeting Date:           February 27, 2012


From:                          Mike Thornton


Subject:                      Purchase request from Fleet Services for the purchase of one new front loading refuse truck.



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends approval of the purchase request from Fleet Services for the purchase of one new front loading refuse truck from Nextran Truck Center for a total of $225,200.50.



Fleet Services has scheduled in the 2012 fiscal year the replacement of an existing 2002 Mack truck (unit #991) with a front loading compaction refuse truck.  This truck is 10 years old and currently has 17,000 hours on the meter.


Fleet Services has selected the Mack truck with a Heil refuse body in order to maintain standardization in the fleet of front loading refuse trucks.  Standardization results in overall lower maintenance costs related to technician training and repair time.  The Fleet Services Division is also certified for Mack truck warranty repairs.  Should the dealer not be able to make warranty repairs in a timely manner, the City can make the repairs and be reimbursed for parts and labor under the Mack warranty program.


Purchasing recommends using the Florida Sheriffs Association Vehicle and Equipment bid award 11-19-0907 for this purchase.  This contract is competitively bid and made available to local governments for purchases.  For this specific equipment purchase there are no local dealers able to provide this type of equipment.


Fleet Services has selected the second least expensive truck in the 60,000 pound GVWR classification available on the Florida Sheriffs Association bid award.  The available trucks and base prices are summarized here.  These prices do not include the cost of the front loading refuse body.


Name of Dealership

Type of Vehicle

Base Unit Price

Rush Truck Centers of Florida

2012 Peterbilt 320


Nextran Truck Center (Orlando)

2012 Mack MR Series


Tamp Truck Center LLC

2012 American LaFrance Condor


Kenworth of Central Florida

2012 Autocar ACX64


Container Systems & Equip.

2012 Crane Carrier LET2



Nextran Truck Center will provide the refuse body.  The total cost for the truck PLUS the front loading body options is summarized here. 



Truck w/ Body

Total Equipment Price

Nextran Truck Center

Mack Truck w/ Heil Body


Nextran Truck Center

Mack Truck w/ E-Z Pack Body


Nextran Truck Center

Mack Truck w/ McNeilus Body



Fleet Services requests the approval of the purchase of the 2012 Mack MR Series truck with a Heil front loading refuse body.  The total cost of the truck with the refuse body is $225,200.50.



1.  Approve the purchase request to Nextran Truck Center for a total amount of $225,200.50; or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact: 

Fleet Services budgeted and has available $225,000.00 for the purchase of this replacement equipment.  The shortfall of $200.50 will be made up with savings on other equipment replacement purchases.


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