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Item No:                    5.L


Meeting Date:           March 26, 2012


From:                          Mike Thornton, Purchasing Manager, for

                                    Paul Kalv, Electric Utility Director


Subject:                      Purchase requests 44493, 44518 and 44494 related to upgrades to the Electric Utility SCADA and communications infrastructure.



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends approval of the following purchase requests:


44493  Alligator Communications, Inc.          $  73,722.00

44494  RFL Electronics, Inc.                          $  67,401.00

44518  CG Automation Solutions                   $  28,190.00

                                                            Total    $169,313.00



The purpose of these purchases is to upgrade the communications systems and equipment used by the electric utility to control and monitor equipment on the grid by their Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.


The SCADA system is used to monitor what is happening within the Leesburg electric system and respond to events by controlling equipment in the system.  In order to control the equipment communications between the SCADA base station and controllable equipment must be possible.  This communication is handled by radios to individual devices or through wired links through the substations.


The requested purchases will upgrade equipment in three areas.  The purchase to Alligator Communications ($73,722) will upgrade the existing outdated radio system to a new 900 MHz based radio system.  The purchase to RFL Electronics will upgrade existing communications hardware migrating from 20 year old T1 technology to modern Internet Protocol (IP).  The CG Automation Solutions purchase will upgrade existing Remote Terminal Units (RTU) located at each substation to a newer DNP/IP system.


All three of these upgrades are required as the City’s electric utility implements Smart Grid initiatives and eventually a full Distribution Automation (DA) system.  In the near term these upgrades are needed to better manage the Demand Response (DR) system in responding to peak demand through the Volt/VAR program.  Upgrading the substation communications systems to IP is necessary to integrate into the AMI system using fiber for communications and data transfer.


Alligator Communications, Inc. - $73,722.00

The purchase to Alligator Communications, Inc. includes the purchase of 32 new remote radios to be installed in the field on existing capacitors allowing for remote control.  This control is an important part of the City’s DR system using volt/var.  Controlling the capacitors allows for varying the voltage during peak demand and reducing the overall electric usage during these times.


Alligator is providing a $16,918.00 trade-in credit on the old model 1888/2888D radio equipment being upgraded.


RFL Electronics, Inc. - $67,401.00

This purchase is necessary to upgrade the existing communications hardware in each substation.  This hardware is currently 20 year old technology operating over T1 phone/data lines.  The upgrade will convert the existing system to modern IP hardware and communication over fiber optic cable.  This upgrade is required for several reasons, one of which is to integrate into the AMI / Smart Grid plan for the electric utility.


This purchase is for eight (8) IP switches to be installed at each substation, the MOC and provide redundant back-up in case of failure.  Also being purchase is one (1) managed Ethernet switch.  Installation and training are included in the purchase price.


The equipment not being reused has no trade-in value with RFL Electronics.


CG Automation Solutions (formerly QEI) - $28,190.00

CG Automation Solutions is the electric departments SCADA system vendor.  This purchase is to upgrade the existing RTUs located at each substation.  The upgrades being made with the purchase from RFL Electronics require the RTUs be upgraded in order for communication with each of the substations.  The current RTUs are analog technology and will need to be upgraded to DNP3/IP technology.


This purchase includes upgrading hardware on RTUs located at each of the five (5) substations as well as upgrades to the server software at the MOC.  Installation and commissioning will be performed by CG Automation and is included in the purchase price.


Staff is still working with CG Automation on determining a trade-in value, if any other than scrap, on the old RTU analog boards and electronics.


Purchasing staff requests all three purchases be approved as sole source.  These purchases are upgrades to existing equipment previously purchased from these companies.  The upgrades will allow for reuse of some existing equipment in all cases.



1.  Approve the purchases to each of the vendors listed; or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact: 

The total purchase price of $169,313.00 will be funded from the Electric Department Capital Projects where $210,000.00 was budgeted and is available for this purpose in the current fiscal year.


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