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Item No:                    3B.


Meeting Date:           March 26, 2012


From:                          Jimmy Feagle, Deputy Director of Public Works


Subject:                      Marina Automated/Unattended Fueling





The following is information regarding the installation of an unmanned fueling station at the City of Leesburg Marina. The City currently dispenses fuel for its customers during normal business hours 8:00 am until 5:00 pm Monday - Sunday. There are no unmanned or 24 hour dispensing sites that we have been able to identify.  The marina dispenses an average of 1,800 gallons of fuel per month; Fuel cost on March 1, 2012 is $4.29 per gallon.  This includes a margin of $.35 to cover overhead.


The estimated cost to equip the marina to provide after hours fuel will be $15,000.00.  This amount   includes installation, credit card reader with associated hardware and software to link this with customer service for the appropriate billing.  The staff at the marina receives an average of two requests a month for after hours fueling.  We estimate this would average about 50 gallons of fuel a month.  If we were to use the estimated additional fuel sales of 50 gallon per month, with the overhead margin of $.35, the pay back cost would be captured in 71 years.


We have contacted the DEP and Lake County regarding issues that would regulate an unmanned site. According to Bill Richards (DEP Coordinator and Technical Support, South East District), although there seems to be no restrictive regulations, we were warned multiple times that the potential of a fuel spill into the lake could turn into a serious and expensive clean-up. And it would make Leesburg ineligible for the Clean Marina Status.



1.  Such action as the Commission may deem appropriate