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Item No:                    5J.


Meeting Date:           March 26, 2012


From:                          Jay Evans


Subject:                      RV Parking – Dozier Circle (Venetian Gardens) – 2012 Bikefest




Staff recommends the City provide RV parking during the 2012 Bikefest event along Dozier Circle in Venetian Gardens from April 25th through 29th, and that the Commission determine the use of the funds raised (see options below).




The Leesburg Partnership will be hosting the 16th Annual Leesburg Bikefest on April 27 – 29, 2012.


The three day attendance of the event is projected to be as high as approximately 250,000 participants.  Visitors will be coming from all over the United States.


As a result of the influx of visitors to Leesburg during the 3 day Bikefest event, the City of Leesburg and Lake County as a whole sustains a shortage of lodging and recreational vehicle parking to serve the general public. 


The Parks & Recreation Department would like to provide recreational vehicle parking at Dozier Circle in Venetian Gardens from April 25th – April 29th.


The City will offer 24 recreational vehicle spaces at a per day cost of $75.00.  The potential revenue generated from this service is approximately $7,000.  Actual revenue will likely be much less since this is the first year.


Amenities offered:


  • 30’ X 55’ spaces on flat pavement
  • Hot Showers available (permanent indoor facility)
  • Bathrooms available (permanent indoor facility)
  • Holding tank pump out service – additional cost of $30.00
  • Supplemental potable water available
  • Access to 63 acres of quiet park land on the water
  • Charcoal grills on site
  • Possible access/events to the City of Leesburg Boat Club - Tiki Bar on site
  • Pets welcome
  • ˝ mile from the heart of the Leesburg Bikefest Venue Area
  • ˝  mile from Leesburg Regional Hospital


Site Limitations:


  • No camp fires allowed
  • No tents larger than 10 X 10 allowed
  • No electric service provided


Fiscal Impact:


The fiscal impact to the City of Leesburg for this activity is very nominal.  The staffing of this activity will be led by volunteers with minimal staffing provided by our Parks & Recreation Department.


However based on this year’s success - for future years, the potential further expansion of services such as electric, potable water, etc. could result in additional revenues (and costs) to the City of Leesburg should the City choose to offer such services.


Options with revenues:


There was some discussion at the February 27th City Commission Meeting about the revenues not simply going to the General Fund, but being earmarked for Parks and Recreation youth program scholarships.  Options include:


  • Pop Warner Football Program  (existing program)
  • Travel Basketball Program  (existing program)
  • “Make a Splash”  Swimming Program – beginner swim lessons for Leesburg residents (  (new program)


Note:  The Pop Warner Football Program will be raising funds through merchandise sales and the Travel Basketball Program will be raising money through renting parking spaces throughout the Bikefest weekend.


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Department: Community  Development

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