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Item No: 4.B.1.


Meeting Date: June 11, 2012


From: Mike Thornton, Purchasing Manager, for

Jimmy Feagle, Deputy Public Works Director


Subject: Ratification of City Manager purchase approval for additional work on the reconstruction of Spartan Avenue



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends ratification of City Manager approval for additional construction services work on the reconstruction of Spartan Avenue in the amount of $8,856.00 for a total construction services cost of $29,536.00.



City Manager approval of the additional work was required as the contractor was already mobilized and on-site reconstructing the originally contracted section of roadway. Delaying authorization of the additional work would have resulted in additional costs for remobilization.


The Streets Division evaluated Spartan Avenue based on citizen concerns of the condition of the roadway. Staff determined a partial base failure had occurred causing the road surface to begin failing. Removal of segments of the road base will be sufficient to adequately bring the road back to a condition that will extend the road life cycle of 15 years.


The Streets Division prepared a scope of work and solicited bids for the reconstruction. The scope of work included removal and replacement of 570 square yards of existing asphalt and clay road base. The contractor will use standard Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) construction standards for the rebuild of the roadway.


Quotes for the originally awarded work were received from three companies and are summarized below.


Company Name - Location

Quoted Price

Beesley Construction Co. LLC Leesburg


Paqco Inc. Leesburg


CW Roberts - Wildwood



Heavy equipment activity on the road during reconstruction caused another section of the road base and surface to fail. An additional 503 square yards of work will cost $8,856.00. This will bring the cost of the project to $29,536.00.



1. Ratify City Manager approval of the additional work; or

2. Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate



Fiscal Impact:

The additional $8,856.00 is available in current General Fund Streets budget. Because of the base failure of the road, the nature of the project became reconstruction rather than repair. The project will need to be moved to the Capital Projects Streets division. A budget adjustment will be necessary to move the full amount or $29,536.00 from the General Fund to the Capital Projects Fund.



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