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Item No:                    4.C.4.4.C.6.


Meeting Date:           May 29, 2012


From:                          Doug Drymon, Deputy City Manager


Subject:                      Resolution authorizing execution of a $628,280.00 Joint Participation Agreement (JPA)) between the City of Leesburg and with the Florida Department of Transportation to fund professional Design, Bidding and Construction Phase Services work, andas well as all related construction work associated with a Security Fence Project at Leesburg International Airport.



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends approval of the that the Mayor and City Clerk receive authorization from the City Commission to execute a StateFlorida Public Transportation Joint Participation Agreement for Financial Project No. 409441-1-94-01, also referred to as “Design, Bidding Services and Construction for the Installation of Security Fencing at Leesburg International Airport.”






On June 13, 2011 the City Commission authorized Task Order No. 5 with Hanson Professional Services for the purpose of undertaking a comprehensive assessment of security fencing requirements at Leesburg International Airport. Funding for this study was secured through a Joint Participation Agreement (No. 420830-1-94-01) with FDOT.


Following completion of preliminary plans by Hanson, the design documents were submitted to the Airport Administration, Airport Tenants, FDOT and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for review and comment. Following meetings and discussions with the aforementioned groups, an alignment for the security fence was selected which was felt to offer the best option for enhancing security at Leesburg International Airport while imposing the least impact on existing tenants.  The chosen option involves installing two new automated vehicle gates along Airport Boulevard and enclosing the Airport Operations Area (AOA) north of Airport Boulevard with new security fencing. This solution will serve to extend the AOA north of Airport Boulevard so that it encompasses the aircraft hangars, and will eliminate the need for one of the two existing 80-foot wide cantilever vehicle/aircraft gates (Gate 4) that allow access to the current AOA. The other cantilever gate (Gate 5) will remain in place but should see reduced use resulting in less maintenance and repair. In addition, a new vehicle gate will be installed north of existing Gate 3, and Gate 3 will be widened from 20 feet to 24 feet and a video intercom system will be installed to connect with three nearby tenant facilities so as to allow access by customers to the businesses utilizing these facilities.


The addition of three new automated vehicle gates, the upgrades to vehicle gate 3, and the installation of a tenant video intercom system will require Hanson personnel to perform additional design work that was not part of their original Task Order funded under JPA 420830-1-94-01. After discussions with City staff and Hanson representatives, FDOT District Five personnel decided it would be best to combine the funding for the additional professional services required from Hanson together with the funding required for the construction portion of the Security Fencing Project, and authorize the entire amount under the new JPA 409441-1-94-01.






1.  Authorize the Mayor and City Clerk to execute the Joint Participation Agreement with FDOT for the Security Fencing Project.

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate



Fiscal Impact: 

Execution of the Joint Participation Agreement prior to June 1, 2012 will enable FDOT to fund 100% of the design, bidding and construction phase services that will be performed by Hanson Professional Services, Inc., as well as the entire cost of the construction portion of the Security Fencing Project. The total fee for Hanson’s services will amount to $69,492.00.  The total cost of the construction work has been estimated at $553,787.50.  Funding for the combined professional services and construction work in the amount of $623,280.00 will be made available in FDOT’s Fiscal Year 2012-2013 Budget, which begins June 1, 2012.  The Airport 2011-2012 Budget must be amended to reflect the increased revenues and expenditures associated with Security Fencing Project, following execution of the grant documents by FDOT and the City of Leesburg. 



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Resolution of the City commission of the city of Leesburg, florida, authorizing execution of a $628,280.00 joint Participation agreement (JPA) with the state of florida department of transportation to provide funding for professional design, bidding and construction phase services, as well as all construction work associated with the installation of security fencing at leesburg international airport; and providing an effective date.





            THAT the Mayor and City Clerk are hereby authorized to execute a Joint Participation Agreement with the Florida Department of Transportation, District Five, whose address is 133 S. Semoran Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32807, for Project No. 409441-1-94-01, also referred to as “Design, Bidding Services and Construction for the Installation of Security Fencing at Leesburg International Airport.”


             THAT this resolution shall become effective immediately.


PASSED AND ADOPTED by the City Commission of the City of Leesburg, Florida, at a regular meeting held the _29th_ day of _May,_ 2012.











City Clerk