From:                              Wikstrom, James []

Sent:                               Friday, May 18, 2012 5:19 PM

To:                                   Ron Ridenour

Cc:                                   Doug Drymon

Subject:                          Approval of the Scope of Services - Security Fence Project - FM #409441-1-94-01

Attachments:                 409441-1 Scope of Services.pdf


The Department has reviewed and approves the attached Scope of Services for the subject project. This Scope of Services will be incorporated into and become part of the grant agreement. Please note that reimbursements will be made for eligible costs incurred based on the tasks, deliverables and schedule of values specified in this Scope of Services. Also note that any change to the Scope of Services, to include cost changes, must be reviewed and approved by the Department. Failure to obtain this approval may result in costs not being eligible for reimbursement.


Also note that any costs incurred not consistent with the original Scope of Services and/or project description on the Grant Agreement, or any cost increases over and above what is currently included in the Grant Agreement, will not be considered eligible costs and therefore not eligible for reimbursement. Before such costs are considered eligible, a supplemental agreement, incorporating appropriate scope changes and/or adding additional funds, will be required, and only those costs incurred after the execution date of the Supplemental Agreement will be considered eligible.


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.



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