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Item No:                    2B.


Meeting Date:           October 4, 2012


From:                          Doug Drymon, Deputy City Manager/interim Airport Manager


Subject:                      Overview of future projects and priorities that the Airport Advisory Board would like to see considered by the City Commission and City Staff.



For the past five months the Leesburg International Airport Advisory Board has been actively soliciting suggestions from Airport tenants regarding various projects, priorities and areas of concern that these users of the Airport would like to see addressed by the City as time and resources permit.


The members of the Airport Advisory Board believe that it would be useful to discuss with the City Commission the manner in which the Board is attempting to prioritize projects and arrange for some sort of resolution so as to balance the desires of Airport tenants on one hand, and the finite amount of staff time and funds which the City has available to address these desires on the other.


Attached is the Board’s most up-to-date list of projects and priorities its members would like the City to consider.



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