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Item No:                    5E.


Meeting Date:           February 11, 2013


From:                          Ray Sharp


Subject:                      Discussion item relating to use of city-owned light towers by non-profit organizations



Staff Recommendation:

No recommendation – discussion only.



The agenda for the January 14, 2013 meeting of the city commission contained a discussion item relating to policy for loan of city-owned light towers to non-profit organizations.  The commission requested additional information and followup.


Mr. Kalv has provided a followup report with additional information, attached for your reference.


In brief, the city owns four light towers, two in electric, one each in water and wastewater.  The original purchase price of these ranged from $6,780 to $7, 947.  Two were purchased in 1999 and two in 2001.  Based on hour meter readings, three of the towers are used around 110 hours per year on average, one is used about 30 hours per year.  There have been no extraordinary maintenance costs.


Other information may be summarized as follows:


Mr. Kalv offered staff recommendations.  After review of the recommendations, I concur with most, and offer the following suggestions for discussion:



1.  Based upon commission discussion, direct staff to bring forward a resolution formalizing the intent of the commission; or,

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact: 

Based upon historical usage, the fiscal impact is minimal, so long as reasonable limitations are imposed on such usage.  The benefit to public safety and the community at large is likely much greater than the expense of loaning the light towers.


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