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Item No:                    5E.


Meeting Date:            March 11, 2013


From:                          Mike Thornton, Purchasing Manager for

                                    Ray Sharp, Interim City Manager


Subject:                       Approval of staff selection of Colin Baenzinger & Associates to provide executive recruiting services to fill the City Manager position and authorization to issue a purchase order.



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends approval of the evaluation committees’ selection of Colin Baenziger & Associates (CBA) as the top ranked firm to provide executive recruiting services for the vacant City Manager position; and further approves staff to issue a purchase order for a total amount of $21,500.00.



The purpose of this solicitation is to contract with a qualified and interested firm to provide executive recruiting services to the City to fill the vacant City Manager position.  A qualified recruiting firm will provide all the required services to assist the City in finding candidates for the City Manager position.


The Request for Proposal (RFP) document provided background information for the City.  It also stressed the importance of the recruiting firm having experience with Florida municipalities, specifically those that operate a full range of utilities.  The City looked for firms with experience in filling positions at the City Manager level.


On February 11, 2013 the Purchasing Division issued Request for Proposal 130263 inviting interested and qualified firms to submit proposals to provide the requested services to the City.  The opportunity was advertised in the Orlando Sentinel as well as on-line through Public Purchase.  The Purchasing Division also notified directly all firms that had expressed interest prior to releasing the RFP.  On February 28, 2013 seven responses were received.


The evaluation committee reviewed and scored each proposal.  A summary of the results is included here.  Detailed evaluation scores for each evaluator are attached.

List of Firms and Scoring Summary


Firm Name



(400 Possible)

Colin Baenzinger & Associates



The Mercer Group, Inc.



The Waters Consulting Group



Strategic Government Resources



McGrath Human Resources Group



Priority Search International



Fast Track Staffing, Inc.





The committee ranked Colin Baenzinger & Associates (CBA) the top firm.  CBA provides the most experience with Florida municipal governments.  Additionally, they have experience filling City Manager positions with municipalities that operate utilities and specifically an electric utility.  Those municipalities are:


City of Bartow                                                 City of Lake Worth

City of Homestead                                           City of Ocala

City of New Smyrna Beach                              City of Mount Dora

City of Fort Pierce                                           City of Vero Beach


The cost of the services is middle of the road when compared to all proposals received.  CBA also offers a ‘warranty’ on their recruiting services.  CBA will repeat a search at no cost if 1) a selected individual leaves for any reason within 12 months, and 2) the City is not satisfied with any of the final candidates presented.


A copy of the full proposal from CBA is lengthy and available in the City Clerk’s office, should you desire to review the entire proposal.  Proposals from all other respondents are available as well.


A summary of the recruiting phases and tasks proposed by CBA are included here for your review.  Following each phase are the dates the tasks within each phase will be accomplished.


Phase 1: Information Gathering and Needs Assessment (March 26 – April 17)

            Task one:  Needs Assessment – This includes interviews with each commissioner to create a candidate profile.

Phase II: Recruitment (April 18 – May 28)

            Task Two:  Develop Recruitment Materials

            Task Three:  Recruit Candidates

Phase III:  Screening and Finalist Selection (May 18 – June 24)

            Task Four: Evaluate the Candidates

            Task Five: Finalist Selection and Presentation

            Task Six: Finalist Selection

            Task Seven: Notify All Candidates of Their Status

Phase IV:  Coordinate the Interview Process and City manager Selection (July 12 – July 15)

            Task Eight:  Coordinate the Candidate Assessment Process

Task Nine:  Debriefing and Selection

Phase V:  Negotiation and Continuing Assistance (July 16 - October 1)

            Task Ten: Notification, Contract Negotiations and Warranty

            Task Eleven:  Continuing Assistance


CBA has agreed to meet the City’s desired timetable for the recruiting process.  CBA has October 1st as the first day of work for the new City Manager.


The cost of these professional services does not include costs the City may approve for candidate travel expenses.



1.  Approve the selection of Colin Baenzinger & Associates; or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate



Fiscal Impact: 

Funds will be transferred from the City Manager contingency to the Human Resources Professional Services account listed.


Submission Date and Time:    5/29/2013 4:02 PM____


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