Item No:                                3B.


Meeting Date:           May 13, 2013


From:                          Bill Wiley, AICP, Community Development Director


Subject:                      Report on rezoning City property on CR 470



Staff Recommendation: 

Staff requests the City Commission to approve, in concept, the proposed process and schedule for rezoning the CR 470 City property to a PUD (Planned Unit Development) with the associated LDC code changes.



The City Commission directed staff to develop a strategy to promote economic development in the CR 470 corridor specifically for City owned property and to incorporate recommendations suggested by the Duke Energy Site Readiness Program. One important aspect of the study was to eliminate obstacles to development of properties so that a prospective company will have a quick development schedule and minimal risks. Prospective companies do notdon’t want to go through the rezoning process with the associated public hearings and 90 to 120 day delays. Those communities with site ready properties with zoning in place will have the competitive advantage for consideration by prospective companies.


In order to accomplish this goal, staff has developed the following list of zoning recommendations and scheduling for consideration of the City Commission.


Recommendations and Schedule:

1.         Amend Sec. 25-278. Planned development process for amending PUD (Planned Unit Development) districts.   oOnce adopted, the change  willto provide that City owned properties canto be amended by resolution. This willould eliminate the 90 to 120 day process for amending a PUD to meet a prospective company’s needs.

2.         Rezone all of the City’s property in the CR 470 area from Public to PUD with architectural design requirements using the Duke Energy Buildable Area Options A and B as conceptual plans that can be revised by staff as needed with the City Commission’s final approval by resolution.

3.         Include the “City of Leesburg C.R.470 Industrial and Technology Park” 75 acre parcel in the overall new PUD that was approved in April 2008.

4.         Submit rezoning application to the Planning Commission on July 18th and to the City Commission on August 12th and 26th for final adoption.

5.         Prior to the development of multiple sites the City will need to create a plat for recording and any future transfer of any properties, if a applicable.

1.                  Approve the proposed changes and schedule in concept.

2.                  Other such action as the Commission may deem appropriate.


Fiscal Impact:

There is no immediate fiscal impact expected for City of Leesburg. However, future development of the CR 470 Industrial and Technology Park area will have significant positive fiscal impacts to the City.  


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Department: Community  Development

Prepared by:  Bill Wiley, AICP

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