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Item No:                    4.B.1.


Meeting Date:           July 22, 2013


From:                          DC Maudlin, Interim Public Works Director

                                    by Mike Thornton, Purchasing Manager


Subject:                      Purchase request to Southern Sewer Equipment to refurbish a Vac-Con jet vacuum truck used by the Wastewater and Storm Water Divisions



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends approval of the single source purchase to Southern Sewer Equipment to refurbish/rebuild a Vac-Con jet vacuum truck owned by the City as there are no other repair facilities authorized by the manufacturer Vac-Con for a total cost of $63,119.86.



This truck is used for cleaning out wastewater (sewer) lines and storm water lines.  The internal workings of the equipment are subjected to heavy wear and tear through normal use due to the type of material being vacuumed out of the sewer and storm water lines.


This purchase request is to have the existing 2004 Vac-Con (unit 763) refurbished, or rebuilt to like new condition.  The unit to be rebuilt was evaluated in 2013 during the fleet equipment evaluation process and was given a score of 41 points.  This score qualifies the equipment for replacement in the 2013 Fiscal Year.


Fleet is recommending the truck be refurbished rather than replaced.  Refurbishing the unit is estimated to extend the life of the equipment by nine years.  This estimate is based on past experience of unit 79 being refurbished in 2009.  The list of work to be done is extensive and involves replacing all wear items as well as non-wear items and repainting the Vac-Con components on the truck.  A detailed list of work to be done is attached in the form of the vendors quote.  The rebuild does not include any work on the chassis or truck part of the equipment.


The cost to purchase a new Vac-Con equipped the same as unit 763 is $332,138.00 and documented with the attached courtesy quote.  This purchase cost amortized over an estimated 11 year life provides an annual cost of $30,194 per year.  Having the City’s unit refurbished provides an amortized annual cost of $14,616 based on the  2004 purchase cost of $199,974.00 plus the refurbish cost of $63,119.86 divided by the total estimated life from purchase of 18 years.


Annual Amortized Costs – Purchase Only

New Purchase           $332,138.00 / 11 years = $30,194.00 / year


Refurbish                   $199,974.00

                                    $ 63,119.86

                                    $263,096.86 / 18 years = $14,616.33 /year


Procurement Analysis:

This purchase is categorized as a single source purchase. “Single source” shall be defined to mean the Department Head or designee has determined that only one vendor is capable of providing the goods or services that meet the required standards.


In this case, the Department Head has determined the refurbish work shall be performed by a manufacturer authorized repair facility.  Vac-Con has provided the attached letter stating Southern Sewer Equipment is the sole authorized Vac-Con dealer for sales, parts and service in the State of Florida (excluding the Florida Panhandle).



1.  Approve the purchase request to Southern Sewer Equipment for a total amount of $63,119.86, or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact: 

Fleet Services budget $75,000 in the current fiscal year for this rebuild. 


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