Meeting Date:           April 24, 2006


From:                          Ron Stock, City Manager                    


Subject:                      Sterling Awards



Staff Recommendation: 

Approved at the March 27, 2006 City Commission Meeting.



The following are recipients of the Sterling Awards:

Jay Evans, Deputy City Manager and Jakki Perry, Human Resources Director for their combined efforts in improving the communications between staff and management city wide. 


Ray Sharp, Director of Environmental Services for his successful endeavors to create a more professional staff and improved customer service within his department. Mr. Sharp has also obtained numerous grants for Water and Wastewater projects allowing the City to move forward on needed projects.


S*T*E*R*L*I*N*G Awards and Cash Awards:


Rick Harris, Plant Manager for his leadership and professionalism with regard to compliance.  In his short tenure with the City, Mr. Harris has made substantial improvements in all matters related to compliance. He initiated an Industrial Pretreatment Program which FDEP recently inspected and the City passed easily.  The compliance performance under Mr. Harris’ management has improved remarkably. It represents a complete turnaround in the operational performance of our treatment facilities.  Cash Award: $1,000.


Environmental Services Wastewater Team for their individual performance and team performance with improvements to the wastewater field operations, maintenance and the wastewater plant operations.  Through teamwork and dedication, along with better training and better equipment, this group has turn neglected maintenance and malfunctioning lift stations into a smoothly run operation. 


Team list:

Jose Aguilar                                       James D. Anderson                          Robert L. Beard

Nathaniel Q. Carver                         Timothy D. Clayton                          Eric D. Coffie

Chad A. Conklin                                Jeff Drullinger                                    Russell E. Gant

James C. Gentles                              Eric Hagg                                          William K. Hill

Richard M. Harris III                       Kathleen A. Holly                             Rodney L. Hogan

Jesse M. Keenan                               Daniel Madrigal                                Lowell Mishoe

Darrell A. Mitchell                            Scott C. Moss                                     Jesse J. Myrick

Christopher R. Nelson                     David L. Ough                                  Eric D. Porter

Alden C. Purvis                                 Herbert A. Reitsma                          Jerrill W. Robison

Darrell S. Schlegel                            Deborah C. Shank                            Anthony M. Smejek

Raymond A. Stander                                    Joe Tinkler                                         James H. Trevorrow Thomas G. Whipp                                Michel A. Wilson


Cash Award: $3,000 to be used to fund a recognition dinner for the team and spouses.  In addition to the Team S*T*E*R*L*I*N*G Award trophy, each team member will receive a performance pin.