Meeting Date:†††††††††† June 12, 2006


From:††††††††††††††††††††††††† Edward F. Smyth, Jr., Assistant City Manager

Subject:††††††††††††††††††††† Proposal for Leased Office Space for the Community Development Department at 1300 Citizens Blvd, Leesburg, Florida with Sun Trust Real Estate Corporation



Staff Recommendation:

No action is necessary.† The lease has been prepared and is being reviewed by the City Attorney.† It will be submitted to the Commission for formal approval/disapproval on June 26, 2006.


The Community Development Department consists of the Planning & Zoning Division and the Building Services Division.  They are all currently housed at 214 North 5th Street, across from City Hall, in the former Newman Building.

This building was purchased by the City in 1998 with the intention to utilize the building for 5 years, and then demolish it for additional downtown parking. There were originally only 8 people in this building, as compared to the current staff of 18.

The department is responsible for all of the regulatory activities associated with planning, zoning and construction throughout the City and within the areas being annexed into the City. † They are the official keeper of all records connected with any development or improvement through project closed-out, many of which remain in process for 18 months or more.†

With the current level of development and construction that is occurring within our areas or responsibility, the departmentís usable floor space is rapidly being taken over for records retention purposes, reducing the available space for people to perform their daily activities.

Industry standards for both private and public sector office space recommend that clerical workers should be allocated approximately 48 square feet for each FTE.† This does not include hallways, restrooms; file storage, copy spaces, storage (records and/or supplies), telephone, data or equipment room spaces, or public spaces (meeting rooms, reception areas, and counter space).

In addition to space for clerical activities, Planners, Building Inspectors and others in the department who are required to review building and site plans, require an additional 48 spare feet of space to accomplish this function.†

Taking the current number of employees, and the space requirements necessary for them to perform their daily work, the departmentís space requirements exceed the currently available space.

Although we anticipate having some space available in the remodeled library, and perhaps enough space to fully meet this departments needs, construction delays to-date have delayed this option.† It is expected that this newly remodeled space will not be available for occupancy for at least two (2) years.

There is not any space available in City owned facilities that is capable of accommodating this department, thus we propose to lease space from Sun Trust in the 1300 Citizens Blvd building.† The location is adjacent to downtown, easily accessible by the departmentís customers and citizens, and will provide the space necessary for the department to accomplish its mission and adheres to the Values of Excellence, Open & Accessible Government, Fiscal Responsibility, Professionalism and a Caring Organization.

The lease agreement is for three (3) years with a three (3) one year (1 yr) options at a rate of $18.00 per billable square foot ($124,866 the first year) increasing by 3.5% each year.† The rental rate includes utilities, taxes, maintenance and janitorial services.† The lease includes 6,032 square feet of area for office space, 904.8 square feet of common space (restrooms, entry foyer, elevators, etc.), and use of the third floor conference space for any City or City sponsored meetings.

Action Requested:†

None.† The proposal as executed by the City Manager is not binding on the City until the Commission approves the lease agreement.† This matter is submitted for informational purposes only.

Fiscal Impact:†

Authorized funds were not specifically appropriated in the adopted budget policy. $20,811 (2 months rent) is available within the building permit fees category in the Fiscal Year 2006 budget for this purpose.† A budget amendment will be available for the full amount of this lease.† In the Fiscal Year 2007 budget $99,892.80 (80% of the annual lease amount) will be allocated for this purpose from building permit fees and the remaining 20% ($24,973.20) will be budgeted in the Planning & Zoning operating budget, pending approval of the budget by the Commission.


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