Meeting Date:           July 24, 2006


From:                          Mike Thornton, Purchasing Manager


Subject:                      Resolution Authorizing Execution of the Agreement with RS Supply Inc to install a fence at the City dog park for the City of Leesburg pursuant to LB-06-08.


Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends adoption of the resolution authorizing the execution of the agreement with RS Supply Inc. for furnishing materials and installation of the dog park fence for $27,233.84 pursuant to LB-06-08.



This fence will be installed at the approved location for the City dog park and will form the foundation of further improvements on this project.  The fence material selected to be installed is a polyester resin coated welded wire fence.  This fence material is an alternate to conventional vinyl coated chain link fence.  The Smartuff product is aesthetically pleasing and appropriate for this use.  The cost of this type of fence over conventional vinyl coated chain link is only 3% higher.


The Purchasing Department issued LB-06-08. The Invitation to Bid was advertised both in newspapers and on  On June 12, 2006 we were in receipt of 9 responses.  RS Supply was the only vendor to offer an alternate to vinyl coated chain link fence.  The alternate offered is Smartuff fence.  The Recreation and Parks staff evaluated the product and deemed it a desirable and suitable alternate for this particular project.



1. Approve the attached resolution authorizing execution of the agreement with RS Supply Inc.  for $27,233.84, or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact

Funds are available in the appropriate Capital Project Parks Improvement account.


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Account No.  031-8124-572.63-10


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Budget  ____$218,450.00_______


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