Meeting Date:           September 11, 2006


From:                          Mike Thornton, Purchasing Manager


Subject:                      Resolution authorizing execution of a contract with Superior Asphalt of Central Florida for the reconstruction of the City Hall Parking Lot:  Bid LB-06-14 – Award to Superior Asphalt of Central Florida, Inc. for $1,369,657.60. 



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends awarding Bid LB-06-14 to Superior Asphalt of Central Florida, Inc. and adopting a resolution authorizing execution of an agreement with Superior Asphalt of Central Florida, Inc. for $1,369.657.60 pursuant to LB-06-014.



The purpose of this bid is for the contracting of all labor, materials, and equipment for the reconstruction of the City Hall parking lot.  The current City Hall parking lot is configured and sloped as such, that mobility for physically challenged citizens is a problem.  This project will reconfigure the parking lot location and improve access to the front of the building.  ADA compliant access ramps will be provided for the physically challenged.  The improvements include creation of a plaza using decorative concrete work for plantings and walkways.  This project improves the parking lot  while maintaining the integrity of the historical appearance of City Hall.


The Purchasing Division advertised for bids and on August 28, 2006 received two responsive bids.  The low bidder was Superior Asphalt of Central Florida.  The bid tabulation sheet is attached showing both bid amounts received.  Superior Asphalt of Central Florida has been deemed the lowest responsive bidder.



1.  Approve the resolution authorizing the agreement with Superior Asphalt of Central Florida for $1,369,657.60, or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact

This project was approved in the 2005-2006 10 year CIP plan.  There is currently $881,750 available for this project in the current fiscal year.  The balance of the funds, $487,907.60 will be transferred from other budgeted projects that have not been started.


Submission Date and Time:    9/6/2006 4:40 PM____


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Account No. _031-5193-519.63-10_


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Budget  ______$1,000,000________


Available _____$881,750_________