MEETING DATE:   October 9, 2006                     


FROM:                       Bill Pfeilsticker, Finance Director      


SUBJECT:                  Ordinance Amendments to Chapter 14 Articles II and III Code of Ordinance pertaining to a state mandated name change from Occupational License Tax to Local  Business Tax.



Staff Recommendation:  

Staff recommends adoption of the proposed amendment to Chapter 14 Articles II and III Code of Ordinance.



The proposed ordinance changes will ensure compliance with the recently adopted changes to Chapter 205 of the Florida Statutes.  The changes clarify these charges are business taxes only and cannot be used as a regulatory tool.  The city cannot impose any conditions upon acceptance of the tax. All non-compliance issues, such as zoning, housing and fire inspection issues, must now be submitted to Code Enforcement for civil action.


The proposed changes will not affect the current fee schedule.  References to “Local Occupational License Tax” will be replaced with “Local Business Tax” and all parts of the existing ordinance in conflict with the change will be repealed.



1.   Adopt the ordinance as presented; or

2.   Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate.           


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