Meeting Date:           October 23, 2006


From:                          Laura McElhanon, AICP, Community Development Director


Subject:                      Resolution to Lake County Commission concerning proposed update of the Lake County Comprehensive Plan



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends approval of the resolution expressing concerns regarding certain aspects of the proposed update of the Lake County Comprehensive Plan.



Lake County is in the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan. The Lake County Local Planning Agency (LPA) has been holding hearings on this update. The hearing has been continued to Thursday, October 19 and October 27. It is anticipated that this matter will be forwarded to the County Commission for transmittal to the Florida Department of Community Affairs in November (at the earliest).


Staff is of the opinion that the City should formally express their concerns to the Lake County Commission about


1.         Proposing changes to land located within the City limits of the City of Leesburg

2.         Designating property adjacent to current City of Leesburg boundaries with rural or extremely low density.

3.         Adding a policy concerning proposed density of annexed properties.

4.         The proposed Comprehensive Plan not reflecting the adopted Sunnyside Study.

5.         Mandating connection by County residents to municipal water and wastewater.



1.  Approve the resolution.

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact

There is no fiscal impact to the City of Leesburg.


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Department: Community Development

Prepared by:  Laura McElhanon, AICP                     

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