Meeting Date:           November 13, 2006


From:                          Mike Thornton, Purchasing Manager


Subject:                      Purchase Requisition #37444 to Stage Line Mobile Stage, Inc. for the Public Works Department Fleet Division



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends approval of purchase requisition #37444 to Stage Line Mobile Stage, Inc. for the Public Works Department Fleet Division for $120,255.



This purchase is for a new mobile stage trailer that will be assigned to the Parks and Recreation Department and used at City sponsored events.  Currently, the City must rent staging equipment for many downtown events.  Stage rental requires setup many days in advance and remains in place several days after the event until the company can remove the stage.  The purchase of this mobile stage trailer will provide the City flexibility to erect the stage shortly before the event and remove it immediately following the event.  The mobile stage will also allow for use of the stage anywhere the trailer can be placed and leveled.  There are many functions currently sponsored by the City and Parks & Recreation that could benefit from a stage.


The Purchasing Department issued Request for Proposal 70052.  There are several essential, minimum requirements needed by the City.  Two of the most important are 1) the stage can be towed by a 1 ton rated pick-up; 2)  That the stage can be setup by one (1) person in less than 1 hour without the use of hand tools, loose bolts, nuts, or fasteners.  The successful vendor must meet both of these requirements.


Potential suppliers were notified both through direct solicitations and  On November 3, 2006 Purchasing received two responses to the Request for Proposal.  Only Stage Line Mobile Stage, Inc. met all of the minimum requirements, specifically the towing capacity requirement.  The mobile stage from the second respondent, Wenger, requires a towing vehicle in excess of a 1 ton rating.  The quoted price is reasonable and very close to our initial cost estimate.  The selected product will meet the needs of the City.


The base bid from Stage Line Mobile Stage Inc. for the SL100 model is $108,770.  The Parks and Recreation Department has selected options to be added to the stage.  The total purchase price with options is $120,255.  The proposal comparison sheet is attached for your review as well as the Stage Line price list with the selected options.


1.  Approve the purchase as stated above not to exceed $120,255; or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact

The amount of $125,000 was budgeted and is available in the vehicle and equipment category for the purchase of this mobile stage trailer.


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