Meeting Date:           December 18, 2006


From:                          Mike Thornton, Purchasing Manager


Subject:                      Bid No. 70031 and Purchase Requisition #36837 to Altec Industries, Inc. for the Public Works Department – Fleet Division



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends approval of the bid award and purchase requisition #36837 to Altec Industries, Inc. for the Public Works Department – Fleet Division for $438,522.00.



The purpose of the Invitation to Bid was to solicit quotations for the purchase of three (3) trucks each equipped with a 55 foot bucket aerial device, “bucket trucks”.  These trucks are replacement equipment that will be assigned to the Electric Utility Department.  The trucks being replaced are in excess of 10 years old.  The ongoing costs to maintain these trucks as well as the government required aerial device certifications is becoming cost prohibitive.


On October 16, 2006 the Purchasing Division issued Invitation to Bid number 70031.  The Invitation to Bid requested quotations for the purchase of three (3) cab & chassis trucks each equipped with 55 foot aerial devices.  The specifications distributed with the bid were prepared by the Fleet Manager in accordance with industry standards and the intended use of the equipment.  The specifications would solicit equipment similar to that already in the fleet and provide the minimum operating requirements necessary for the application or use of the equipment.  On November 8, 2006 the Purchasing Division received three (3) responses to the Invitation to Bid.


Responses were received from Terex Utilities, Freightliner of Tampa, and Altec Industries.  The bid responses have been evaluated by both the Purchasing Manager and Fleet Manager.  A summary of the evaluation of each follows.


Terex Utilities - Terex Utilities has been disqualified due to not submitting a responsive bid.  The response submitted lacked most of the requested and required forms.  In addition, the response to the specifications did not follow the instructions provided.  Overall the response submitted was grossly incomplete and not completed as instructed.  This vendor has been sent a letter informing them of the disqualification.


Freightliner of Tampa - The bid from Freightliner of Tampa was deemed to not meet the minimum specifications for the cab & chassis.  The specifications stipulated were for an International DT466E engine.  This specification is in keeping with the majority of the current heavy truck fleet.  The engine quoted by Freightliner is manufactured by Detroit Diesel, not International as requested.  The City currently does not have staff trained to maintain the Detroit Diesel engine nor the necessary diagnostic equipment and software.  This would result in an additional cost, above the equipment purchase, for training and maintenance related items.


Altec Industries, Inc. - Altec Industries, Inc. has been deemed the only responsive and responsible vendor.  They submitted a complete bid response and met each of the specifications listed.  After identifying Altec as the lowest responsive bidder the Fleet and Purchasing Divisions requested Altec to provide any information or suggestions on alternatives that may help the City reduce the cost of the equipment.  Altec Industries, Inc. responded with an alternate price quote for in-stock units that meet all the specifications in the original bid with the exception of the color.  In-stock units come standard in white.  The vendor submitted an alternate price of $146,174.00.  This includes the cost of having the equipment painted school bus yellow by a local vendor as requested in the original bid.  The City will realize a savings of $22,565 for each unit if they are ordered in white and then painted by a third party.  This savings includes the $3,475 for the painting.  This method will not only save $67,695 on the total purchase but will also significantly decrease the delivery time of all 3 units from 310 days to 90 days.


Purchase of the in-stock International 7300 Cab & Chassis with the 55 foot Altec aerial device from Altec Industries, Inc. is the best value to the City.



1.  Approve the bid award and purchase to Altec Industries, Inc. for the amount of $438,522.00; or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact

The funds for this purchase are available in the Equipment Replacement account for Fiscal Year 2007.  Funding for two trucks was brought forward from Fiscal Year 2006.  Funding for the third truck was approved and is available in the 2007 budget.


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