Meeting Date:           January 22, 2007


From:                          Paul Kalv, Director of Electric


Subject:                      Purchase SCADA Master Station Upgrades from QEI



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends approval of the purchase of the SCADA Master Station Upgrades from QEI for $107,796.00.



The existing SCADA Master Station servers have been in continuous service for 10 years and need to be replaced.  Normal maintenance and upgrades have been carried as far as they can. Technology has advanced during these 10 years and the City will gain the benefit of software upgrades, communication protocol changes and hardware changes that demand increasing amounts of memory and speed that our existing servers cannot supply.


In order to keep the SCADA systems running at acceptable levels of efficiency, the existing Master Station servers must be replaced.



1.  Approve the purchase from QEI for $107,796.00 

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact

In Fiscal year 2007 a total of 107,796.00 has been budgeted and is available for this purpose.


Submission Date and Time:    1/18/2007 10:06 AM____


Department: ____Electric_____________

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Revised 6/10/04


Reviewed by: Dept. Head __Paul Kalv_


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Account No. 041-1099-531-6410____


Project No. _ 410008____________


WF No. ____409096/1__________


Budget  ____$108,700.00_________


Available __ $108.700.00__________