Meeting Date:           January 22, 2007


From:                          Ron Stock, City Manager


Subject:                      S*T*E*R*L*I*N*G AWARD RECOMMENDATIONS           



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends the following employees receive the S*T*E*R*L*I*N*G Award and recognition:  Jimmy Feagle, Kevin Browning, Diane Gibson Smith, Tino Anthony, Bruce Ericson and Troy Houtman. Staff further recommends the following employees receive a cash endowment along with the S*T*E*R*L*I*N*G AWARD: Dann Herrin, Jerry Boop, Nancy Baird, Joyce Brown, Cheryl Campman, Pamela Davis, March Gadd, Sandra Hovatter, Danika Lewis, Patricia Mackey, Janice McMullen, Laconia Ransom, Tabatha Sanchez, Sean Stafford, Sherri Tretter, Juashebia Wright, Mark Reichard, Archie Cooper, Wendy Johns, Tim Patten and Mary Thom.



Annually, in January, I submit to the City Commission nominees for the S*T*E*R*L*I*N*G Award.


The S*T*E*R*L*I*N*G Award   recognizes individual efforts by employees who exemplify a “going above and beyond” attitude in getting the job done.


The individuals named have demonstrated that behavior on the job. The above listed individuals are nominated based on the following: 


S*T*E*R*L*I*N*G Awards:


Project:                        Fleet Maintenance Building




Jimmy Feagle, Deputy Public Works Director.  Jimmy provided project coordination to bring the project in on-time and on-budget.


Kevin Browning, Fleet Manager.  We have Kevin to thank for a building which is excellently designed and meets the current and future needs of our Fleet Division.






Project:                        PTO Policy




Diane Gibson Smith, Deputy City Clerk, Mary “Ginny” Padgett, Police Captain, and Tino Anthony, Sr. Systems Analyst.  As members of the Labor-Management Committee these three employees served as a committee to develop a PTO Policy, shepherded it through the Administration, and worked ceaselessly to explain the proposal to employees prior to their vote.  These employees are entitled to recognition for successfully completing a very significant project.


Project:                        Lightning Baseball and Improving Community Relations




Bruce Ericson, Parks & Recreation Director, and Troy Houtman, Assistant Director of Parks & Recreation.  Bruce and Troy brought minor-league baseball back to Leesburg by obtaining the Lightning.  In addition, Bruce and Troy have worked tirelessly to improve on Community Relations and it shows!


S*T*E*R*L*I*N*G Award together with a cash award:


Project:                        Insurance Program




Dann Herrin, Risk Manager, and Jerry Boop, Deputy Finance Director.   Dann and Jerry have done tremendous jobs in re-bidding or negotiating savings in the City’s insurance package.  In one year they have: 


(a)    Negotiated a reduction in fees from Blue Cross/Blue Shield which will result in a savings over the next three years of $279,000;

(b)    Modified our insurance plan to mandate generic drugs at an estimated savings of $140,000 a year;

(c)    Re-bid our group life insurance resulting in a 30% cost reduction or a three-year savings of $111,000 based on the City’s current payroll;

(d)    Negotiated a 28% decrease in the City’s Worker’s Compensation Administrator Fees which will result in a savings of $12,560 this year; and

(e)    Negotiated a $31,000 reimbursement from Medicare Part D.


We recommend a $1,000 cash award be divided between Dann and Jerry.








Project:                        Plantation Billing


The City acquired the Plantation utilities in July, 2006.  The following employees voluntarily agreed to create 3,500 new utility accounts, install a new rate structure (based on gallons), and build meter cycles to incorporate these new customers.  The City believed it would have to employee a third-party vendor to do this work.  It is difficult to measure the exact amount this saved the City, but estimates of $30-40,000 are reasonable.  The conversion of accounts was completed in 69 days.  It was accurate and expeditious because of the teamwork shown by these 14 dedicated employees.




Nancy Baird, Head Cashier, Joyce Brown, Customer Service Specialist, Cheryl Campman, Customer Accounts Supervisor, Pamela Davis, Customer Service Specialist, March Gadd, Clerical Assistant, Sandra Hovatter, Customer Service Specialist, Danika Lewis, Clerical Assistant, Patricia Mackey, Meter Reader Supervisor, Janice McMullen, Customer Service Specialist, Laconia Ransom, Customer Service Specialist, Tabatha Sanchez, Customer Service Specialist, Sean Stafford, Accounting Specialist, Sherri Tretter, Accounting Specialist II, Juashebia Wright, Accounting Specialist.


We recommend these 14 employees share in a $3,000 cash award, or rounding to the nearest whole-dollar equivalent that each employee receive a check for $215.


Project:                        Venetian Gardens Christmas Light Designs


This year, five Parks & Recreation staff members designed, built and erected numerous Christmas light decorations at Venetian Gardens for the Lights of Lake season.  At catalogue prices, they saved the City over $41,000.




Mark Reichard, Crew Leader, Archie Cooper, Crew Leader II, Wendy Johns, Maintenance Worker I, Tim Patten, Maintenance Worker I, and Mary Thomas, Maintenance Worker II.


We recommend these five employees each receive a check for  $500.



1.      Approve proposed awards as submitted: or

2.   Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate.


Fiscal Impact:  

The S*T*E*R*L*I*N*G Award trophy’s cost approximately $125 each totaling $1,250 and the cash awards of $6,510 equal $7,760.


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