Meeting Date:           June 25, 2007


From:                          Mike Thornton, Purchasing Manager


Subject:                      Purchase Requisition #38331 to Nextran Truck Center for the Purchase of a Roll-Off Truck for Fleet Services – Solid Waste Division



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends approval of purchase requisition #38331 to Nextran Truck Center for $131,208.00.



This purchase is for a new Mack cab & chassis truck with a 52,000 pound gross vehicle weight rating and 4x6 tandem axles modified for roll-off containers.  This is a new purchase, not a replacement.  This vehicle will be assigned to the Solid Waste Division and will be used to pick-up roll-off solid waste containers.


Starting December 31, 2007 commercial refuse pick-up will begin in the newly annexed area of the Lake Square Mall.  The additional area will double the current routes and workload for the solid waste roll-off business.  The Solid Waste Division currently operates one truck capable of servicing roll-off containers.  The current service area and newly annexed area cannot efficiently be serviced with the one truck.  In the past when the current truck has been down for repairs, an outside hauler was hired or pick-ups were postponed when possible.


Purchasing this truck at this time will provide Fleet Services time to put the new truck into service and then bring in the current truck for significant service and repairs.  Both trucks will then be available for operation when the new routes are started on December 31, 2007.


The vehicle will be purchased as a cab & chassis configuration.  The dealer will add the following options to equip the truck for roll-off container use.


Mack C or G series Cab & Chassis      $ 85,647.00

Allison 4500 RDS                               $ 16,835.00

Suspension upgrade to 64,000 lbs.      $   6,776.00

Chassis modification for roll-off          $ 21,300.00

Hot shift PTO                                     $      650.00    

            Total Purchase Price                        $131,208.00


This purchase is being made using the Florida Sheriffs Association Bid #06-14-0821A.  This bid and the resulting awards are made available to Florida agencies and municipalities.  The bid was made openly and competitively.



1.  Approve Purchase Requisition #38331 to Nextran Truck Center; or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact

Fleet Services had originally budgeted $160,000 for the replacement of truck #909.  In order to service the annexed areas truck #909 will be kept and refurbished.  The cost to refurbish #909 and purchase this new truck is $147,172.25, which is below the budgeted amount for the replacement.  The refurbish and purchase will allow the City to service the existing customer base and generate additional revenue servicing the newly annexed area around the mall.


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