Meeting Date:           October 22, 2007


From:                          Raymond S. Sharp, Director, Environmental Services/Public Works


Subject:                      Resolution authorizing an agreement with Superior Asphalt of Central Florida, Inc. to rebuild Lake Street between SR 44 and Main Street



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends approval of the contract with Superior Asphalt of Central Florida, Inc. to rebuild Lake Street between S.R. 44 and Main Street.



Lake Street is in poor condition and continues to deteriorate rapidly.  The segment between SR 44 (Dixie Avenue) and Main Street is in especially poor condition, and requires substantial rebuilding and rehabilitation.  This segment is especially sensitive because it is the primary access to LRMC Emergency Room for both EMS and the public.  In addition, Lake Street experiences a very high level of trucking traffic which accelerates the deterioration of the roadway in its present condition.


The adopted budget for FY 2007-2008 provides funding in the Capital Projects Fund of $395,000 for this project, using Gas Tax revenues as the funding source.


On December 11, 2006, the City Commission authorized an extension of Superior’s contract with the City for contractor services relating to streets, sidewalks and curbs.  Under the terms of that agreement, Superior has prepared a pricing proposal for this project which will completely rebuild the segment of Lake Street between SR 44 and Pine Street with 12” of new subgrade base, 8” of limerock base, and 3” of asphalt.  The pricing proposal also provides for milling and resurfacing of that portion of Lake Street from Pine to Main and replacement of two existing stormwater inlet tops.  Incidental to the work will be new Miami curb on the east side of Lake in areas where there is presently no curbing, and replacement of existing curbing as necessary to establish a proper grade line.


This work will impact traffic access to the LRMC Emergency Room.  Staff and the contractor have met with LRMC staff for an initial coordination meeting to discuss the project and phasing.  LRMC staff has been very cooperative and helpful.  The City  will have another, detailed preconstruction meeting with LRMC and Lake-Sumter EMS staff prior to start of construction to discuss phasing and access to the Emergency Room.  This pricing proposal includes a budget of $37,000 for Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) activities to protect the public and to adequately direct emergency traffic around the construction zone throughout the project.


Since this project is the rebuild of an old roadway, there may be unanticipated conditions encountered during construction.  To that end, the pricing proposal includes a 10% contingency budget should such conditions require additional work.



1.  Authorize the Mayor and City Clerk to execute the agreement with Superior Asphalt, Inc. of Central Florida for  $406,912.00, or;

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact

The current adopted budget provides $395,000 in the capital projects fund for this project, using gas tax revenues as the funding source.  In the event that unforeseen conditions require use of the contingency budget, additional funding is available in the streets resurfacing budget for that purpose.


Submission Date and Time:    10/18/2007 12:06 PM____


Department: Public Works

Prepared by:  R. Sharp                     

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Revised 6/10/04


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Account No. _031-5112-541.63-10__


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A resolution of the City Commission of the City of Leesburg, Florida, authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute an agreement with Superior Asphalt of Central Florida, Inc. to rebuild Lake Street between SR 44 and Main Street for $406,912.00; and providing an effective date.




            THAT the Mayor and City Clerk are hereby authorized to execute an agreement  with Superior Asphalt of Central Florida, Inc. whose address is P.O. Box 1257, Mount Dora, Florida, 32756, for rebuilding Lake Street between SR 44 and Main Street.


             THAT this resolution shall become effective immediately.


PASSED AND ADOPTED by the City Commission of the City of Leesburg, Florida, at a regular meeting held the __22nd___ day of __October_______ 2007.











City Clerk