Meeting Date:           November 13, 2007


From:                          Paul Kalv, Electric Director   


Subject:                      Project Plan for the Relocation of Overhead Electric Facilities Required by the FDOT Project – Highway 441 from Perkins Street to Griffin Road



Staff Recommendation:

Electric Department staff will present a project plan for the relocation of existing overhead electric facilities required by the FDOT project.  A substantial portion of the relocated facilities are proposed to be rerouted from the FDOT project area and remain overhead.


Underground loops are proposed to serve existing commercial customers located within the FDOT project area.


Existing under-utilized facilities are proposed to be upgraded to larger conductor sizes to increase the capacity of existing ties with adjacent feeders.


New switching locations are proposed along the rerouted facilities to increase system reliability and flexibility to isolate line sections that may be impacted by outages


Provision is made for the rerouting of the existing Progress Energy Florida (PEF) 69 kV overhead transmission line that will provide improve reliability and at a reasonable cost.




See staff report.




1.  Provide guidance and direction to Electric Department staff.

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact


See staff report.


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