MEETING DATE:   November 13, 2007   


From:                          Bill Wiley, AICP, Interim Community Development Interim Director


Subject:                      Leesburg Joint Planning Area Amended Map



Staff Recommendation:

The Planning staff recommends approval in concept of the proposed amended JPA boundaries and general growth policy maps.



On March 29, 2004, the Leesburg City Commission/Lake County Commission held a joint meeting to discuss the proposed JPA. The consensus of the County Commission was to wait for the outcome of the 2004 legislative session. At that time there were also issues discussed that had been raised by the Hawthorne Development, a manufactured home community near the northeast corner of U.S. 27 and C.R. 48. The conclusion of the legislative session did not result in any revisions to the annexation regulations. After discussions by City and County staff regarding Hawthorne’s concerns, the JPA map was revised to delete the community from the JPA area.  AdditionallyIn addition,  after discussion with property owners and the County, City staff revised the JPA area to include several parcels in the 470/Turnpike area that were not included in the original JPA area.a after discussion with property owners and the County.


On June 28, 2004 the City adopted a revised JPA Agreement and the County decided to postpone adoption of the JPA and incorporate it into the update of their Comprehensive Plan which is currently in the hearing process.


The attached map depicts the current and future growth areas where the City could annex in the future. The map shows  extension of the southern boundary to include the Merritt and Janney properties and a portion of Royal Highlands. This proposed expansion of the City’s JPA would further encroach into the Mascotte and Groveland JPA areas. In order to resolve these issues, cooperation between the cities and county will be necessary. Leesburg staff plans to again initiate that process.



1.         Approve the amended conceptual Leesburg Joint Planning Area Map and authorize staff     to begin negotiations with Mascotte, Groveland and Lake County to formalize the JPA areas.

2.         Other such action as the Commission may deem appropriate.


Fiscal Impact

Staff anticipates utilization of the planning concepts proposed in the conceptual JPA map will have a positive economic impact for both the City and the County through the more efficient provision of infrastructure and services within the proposed areas.


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Department:  Community Development

Prepared by:   Bill Wiley, AICP

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