Meeting Date:           January 14, 2008


From:                          Mike Thornton, Purchasing Manager


Subject:                      Award of Bid 80031 for purchase of one truck with a 55 foot aerial platform.



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends award of bid number 80031 for one truck with a 55 foot aerial platform to Altec Industries, Inc. for $146,964.00.



The purpose of this bid was to solicit pricing for purchase of a new cab & chassis with 55 foot aerial platform, better known as a ‘bucket truck’.  This truck will be assigned to the Electric Department and is replacing an existing piece of equipment.  Fleet Services will be evaluating two existing trucks to determine which one should be replaced with this new truck.


The Purchasing Division issued bid 80031 November 7, 2007, and received three responses December 5, 2007.  The responses have been evaluated by the Fleet Services Division and the offer from Altec Industries, Inc. was selected for recommendation of award.


Listed below is a  summary of the bid responses received.  A detailed bid tabulation is attached for your review.


Vendor                                                Quoted Price               Engine Manuf.             Cab & Chassis Manuf.

Freightliner of Tampa, LLC     $146,397.00                Mercedes Benz                        Freightliner

Altec Industries, Inc.               $146,964.00                International                International

Heintzelman’s Truck Center   $148,920.00                Mercedes Benz                        Sterling


Altec Industries, Inc. is not the low bidder with a difference of $567.00 between the low bidder Freightliner of Tampa and Altec.  Altec Industries is being recommended for two primary reasons; delivery time and fleet standardization.


The delivery time from Altec is 40 days.  Freightliner has provided a delivery time of up to 210 days.  Taking delivery of the piece of equipment sooner than later will benefit City electric crews in providing a more efficient piece of equipment.


Standardization is always an important part of selecting a piece of equipment.  Research has shown that in addition to the actual purchase price there are always indirect or soft costs associated with the purchase of new equipment.  Purchasing like equipment or vehicles minimizes the amount of the indirect or soft costs related to the purchase as well as lower on-going maintenance costs.  Altec Industries is proposing an International brand cab and chassis as well as an International engine.  The last purchase of   four trucks by the City was all International products.  Freightliner of Tampa has quoted an engine manufactured by Mercedes Benz.  The City currently does not own any equipment with a Mercedes Benz engine.  The Fleet Services Division would need to purchase computer software for troubleshooting and train existing staff on the maintenance and repair of this type engine.   The purchase of an additional International truck would further standardize the type of equipment in the City fleet.



1.  Approve award of bid 80031 to Altec Industries, Inc.; or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact:

An amount of $166,800.00 is budgeted and available in the 2008 fiscal year for this purchase.  The actual purchase price versus budgeted amount will create   a surplus of $19,836.00 on the purchase of this item.


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