Meeting Date:           February 11, 2008


From:                          Mike Thornton, Purchasing Manager


Subject:                      Purchase of one cab & chassis with a trash grapple and body pursuant to bid number 80141



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends purchase of one cab and chassis with a trash grapple and body installed from Heintzelman’s Truck Center, Inc. for $92,553.00 pursuant to bid number 80141.



The purpose of this bid was to solicit pricing for the purchase of a new 35,000 pound gross vehicle weight range cab & chassis with a trash grapple and body.  This truck will be assigned to the Solid Waste Division and replace unit number 914.  The Solid Waste Division uses this type of equipment, commonly referred to as a Lightning Loader, to pick-up yard waste, appliances, furniture, and other large objects.  These items cannot be accommodated by the regular garbage trucks.


The Purchasing Division issued bid 80141 January 8, 2008, and received 9 bid responses January 23, 2008.  The responses have been evaluated by the Fleet Services Division and the offer from Heintzelman’s Truck Center, Inc. was selected for recommendation of award.


The following bid recap is a summary of the bid responses received. A detailed bid tabulation is attached for your review.


As you can see Hentzelman’s Truck Center is not the low bidder.  However, the Fleet Services Division has analyzed the bid submissions with the equipment specifications and has determined Heintzelmans Truck Center meets all the minimum requested specifications for the cab and chassis.  Hentzelman’s also quoted a complete Petersen TL-3 trash grapple and body.  Submittals by other dealers did not include necessary features of the trash grapple and body as recommended by the manufacturer and requested in our specifications.  Selecting a lower priced dealer would have resulted in a higher actual purchase price when City requested features for the trash grapple are added.  This can be seen by comparing only the price on the trash grapple and body.







Cab & Chassis


Trash Grapple & Body

Total Equipment Cost

Sterling & Western Star Trucks

Tampa, FL


Sterling Acterra


PacMac KB20


Atlantic Truck Center

Ft. Lauderdale


Ford F-750


Petersen TL-3


Maudlin Inter. Trucks

Orlando, FL (Alt. Bid)


International 4300 M7


Nu-Life Env Brush Hawg


Heintzelman’s Truck

Orlando, FL


Sterling Acterra


Petersen TL-3


Maudlin Inter. Trucks

Orlando, FL


International 4300 M7


Petersen TL-3


General GMC Truck

West Palm Beach, FL


GMC Top Kick


Petersen TL-3


General GMC Truck

West Palm Beach, FL

(Alternate Bid)


GMC Top Kick


Rotobec/Advanced 60


Orlando Freightliner

Orlando, FL


Freightliner M2106


Petersen TL-3


Rush Truck Centers

Tampa, FL


Peterbilt 335

Included w/ Cab & Chassis

Rotobec Elite 80




Additionally, the Fleet Services Division has a spare ‘clam shell’ for the Petersen TL-3 grapple.  This spare clam shell can be used on any Petersen TL-3 grapple such as the one quoted by Heintzleman’s.  Two of the three lower bidders quoted trash grapples other than Petersen.



1.  Approve the purchase of the equipment from Heintzelman’s Truck Center, Inc. pursuant to bid

     number 80141; or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact

An amount of $119,570.00 was approved in the 2008 budget for this purchase, and is available in the account listed.  This purchase will result in line-item savings of $27,017.


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