Meeting Date:           April 14, 2008


From:                          Mike Thornton, Purchasing Manager


Subject:                      Resolutions authorizing execution of agreements with  four firms listed for professional appraisal services



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends approving the agreements with Clayton, Roper, Marshall (CRM), Stricklen Appraisal Services, P.A., Pomeroy Appraisal Associates of Florida, Inc., and American Acquisition Group, L.L.C.



The purpose of this Request for Proposal was to contract with several qualified professional firms to provide appraisal services to the City on a continuing basis.  The City has an ongoing need for appraisals to be performed on city owned and non-city owned property.  The Purchasing Division has issued a Request for Proposal to establish a pool of appraisal firms for them to select from when an appraisal is needed.


Several firms, in this case four, are desired in order to provide a wide range of appraisal types that may be needed by the City.  The following list is a representation of the types of appraisals and appraisal services that may be needed:


·        Vacant Land Acreage

·        Vacant Land Residential Lots

·        Single Family Residences

·        Vacant Commercial Lots

·        Improved Commercial Property





·        Mobile Homes & Residential Lots

·        Special Property (i.e. churches, parks, etc.)

·        FCT/FDEP Appraisals

·        Easements



The Purchasing Division issued Request for Proposal 80022 October 29, 2007.  The RFP was advertised in the The Daily Commercial, Orlando Sentinel, and posted to Demandstar by Onvia, our on-line Internet based bid notification system.  November 26, 2007 the Purchasing Division received six responses.



The evaluation committee consisting of four staff members from various City departments evaluated each response.  The evaluation committee ranked the responses based on the pre-defined evaluation criteria.  The raw scores from each committee member were converted to an ordinal score to rank each firm.  The top four firms were selected and are listed here in no particular order.


·        Pomeroy Appraisal Associates Of Florida, Inc. - Edgewater, FL

·        American Acquisition Group, LLC. - Tampa, FL

·        Stricklen Appraisal Services, P.A. - Umatilla, FL

·        Clayton, Roper & Marshall, Inc. - Altamonte Springs, FL


The initial term of each agreement will be 3 years with the City having an option to renew for three additional one year periods.


Staff was concerned with the fact there were no responses submitted by firms  in Leesburg and only one response received from a Lake County firm.  Because of this concern, staff  solicited an opinion from a local appraisal firm as to why they felt no responses were received from local firms.  The following is the opinion of that one firm who also chose not to submit a response to our RFP.


“I can only speak for myself . . . I assume many of the Leesburg based offices would not respond because we are all small shops and sometimes a larger or unusual appraisal assignment can take up so much time that you cannot adequately serve your “regulars” and run the risk of losing their business.  Also, unless the assignment is a single-family residence, a two-to-four family residence, or a vacant residential site, only a State Certified General appraiser can perform the work, so that would probably rule out half of the Leesburg-based appraisers.


I am certified General and can work on any assignment I feel I am competent to complete.  I have never bid on an assignment for a government entity, but have been contacted in the past by local municipalities.  Part of the reason I have chosen not to pursue these assignments is because it appears that sometimes they can get political, with the possibility of newspaper articles in which the appraisal process or the appraiser’s opinions seem to be misrepresented and confusing to the public.“



1.  Approve execution of the agreement with each of the firms; or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact

The fiscal impact is unknown.  City departments will use these vendors on an as needed basis to order appraisal services.


Submission Date and Time:    4/9/2008 6:28 PM____

Department: _Finance Department_______

Prepared by:  _Mike Thornton_________                     

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Revised 6/10/04


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City of Leesburg, Florida

List of Respondents

Request for Proposal No. 80022

November 26, 2007




600 N. Ridgewood Ave., Suite A

Edgewater, FL  32132





5600 Mariner Street, Suite 104

Tampa, FL  33609





1705 S. Washington Ave

Titusville, FL  32780





378 Centerpointe Circle, Suite 1286

Altamonte Springs, FL  32701





871 South Central Avenue

Umatilla, FL  32784





246 North Westmonte Drive

Altamonte Springs, FL   32714